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50 Kindness Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Want to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day today? Here are 50 fun ideas to do anywhere. read post

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RAK Week Update: Valentines Day

So much love is in the air - happy day 3 of RAK Week 2017! read post

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Chive Nation, Kindest Business!

As we head into Day 3 of #RAKWeek2017, Chive Nation is leading the pay-it-forward charge as the kindest... read post

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RAK Week 2017 Update

We're only two days in and the world is already bursting with kindness. read post

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Your Daily #RAKWeek2017 Challenges

It's official! #RAKWeek2017 has begun! Here are seven kindness challenges you can do each day of the week! read post

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5 Ways to Help Children Care More About Others

Below are five ideas for helping children expand their “Circles of Concern” so they are more aware of... read post

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The New (Kind Way) to Throw an Office Christmas Party

Last year, UK companies spent over £1 billion on Christmas parties. See how one creative agency is turning... read post

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13 Free Ways to Create a School Culture of Kindness

Don't expect kindness in schools... teach it. Here are 13 fun and free ways to focus on the... read post

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5 Simple Classroom Activities to Celebrate World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is Coming: November 13! Here are 5 simple activities to help you and your students... read post

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10 Kindness Week Ideas for Schools

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week is Feb 14-20, 2016. Here are 10 fun ways other teachers have... read post

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Our Favorite 2015 Kindness Moments

Take a look at some of our favorite kindness moments of 2015. read post

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16 Ways to Start 2016 with Kindness

It's a New Year—Make a resolution to exercise your Kindness Muscle in 2016! read post

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What did you do this week?

It all appeared to be quite perfect for my happy, successful family. Two great careers, 3 healthy kids,... read post

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5 Simple Classroom Activities to Celebrate World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is Coming: November 13! Here are 5 simple activities to help you and your students... read post

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7 Ways to Save the World (from your couch)

On November 13th the entire world will be celebrating World Kindness Day. Oh, you didn’t know about it?... read post

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35 People Who Deserve More Appreciation (and how to give it)

We surveyed the smartest and kindest people we know around the world, our RAKtivists, and asked, “Who Deserves... read post

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Free Webinar: Kick-Off the School Year with Kindness!

Create a Safe, Kind and Engaging School Climate Where All Students Thrive. read post

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Inspiring Women to become World Changers!

In honor of International Women's Day, RAK recognizes the words of three inspirational women. read post

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Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week, Feb 9-15

#RAKWeek2015: Let’s Flood Social Media with Kindness read post

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15 Ways to Start 2015 with Kindness

It's a New Year—Make a resolution to exercise your Kindness Muscle in 2015! read post

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World Changer: MamaSaidTees

NULL read post

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If The Shoe Fits

Learn how one pair of running shoes unites a global community. read post

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Spread the Word: Be Kind to Your Roadways

Earth Day ( is April 22 but the Earth needs care and love everyday. One simple but extremely... read post

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Being Kind To Those Around You

Do we have a responsibility to be kind and considerate to those around us? I would say unequivocally,... read post

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Be Kind-Able

Sometimes the word 'responsibility' sounds like a drag. So instead, think of yourself as 'Kind-Able.' read post

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Teaching Our Children About Kindness Through RESPONSIBILITY

Our kids pay attention to everything that we do. By teaching our kids about responsibility within our homes,... read post

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The Role of Responsibility in Random Acts of Kindness

Who is responsible for making the world a kinder place? Everyone! read post

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7 Ways to Be Kind to the Earth

Are you doing your part to be kind the Earth? April 22nd is Earth Day and is observed... read post

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Random Acts of Kindness – Why it’s worth persevering.

I’m told that being kind is good for me! read post

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New Year’s Resolutions - Persevering with Kindness

Do you make New Year’s resolutions each year and find it hard to persevere? Do you beat yourself... read post

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The 5 minute thank you note

Spend five minutes today writing a thank-you letter. Need help? Here’s a template to get you started. read post

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10 tweets to say I'm grateful for you

Spread a little gratitude this holiday season. Send a tweet of appreciation! read post

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10 Fun Ways to Celebrate World Kindness Day

November 13, 2013 is World Kindness Day. Celebrate with these fun and easy ideas! read post

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Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

Now in its 19th year, the Stamp Out Hunger effort is the nation's largest single-day food drive. In... read post

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Rachel's Rally

On May 5th, 2011 over 2500 students from two dozen schools took part in 'Rachel's Rally' in north... read post

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Random Acts of Kindness: Teaching Kindness in Schools

Does Kindness matter? Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Foundation thinks so. RAK has forged a school based pilot... read post

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The Science of Compassion

In July 2012 over 300 people convened in Telluride, CO to discuss the Science of Compassion. read post

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A 'Kindness Day' Off

During his 'kindness day' Paul placed thank you notes for his neighbors on their doorsteps and left piles... read post