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On a regular basis, we receive inquiries from people about donating to The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. As a privately funded non-profit, we’re unable to accept donations but want to point people towards some amazing companies, organizations, and people who are doing awesome things in the name of Kindness. This is one entry in an ongoing series of posts about some amazing World Changers telling you about their missions in their own words:

Meet MamaSaidTees.

1) Tell us about you/your company

Our company was born because of our mutual love for stylish, trendy, children's apparel and because we both knew in our hearts that we could do something different and special with our tees to REALLY start a love/kindness campaign.

2) Tell us your “Why?” What is your company’s mission/message?

You know how your parents always told you when you were growing up, 'When you have a baby someday, you'll understand.' Well... that couldn't ring more true when it comes to making sense of why we are doing what we are doing. My oldest is almost 3 and has been in 'school' since he was 11 months. Every single day I ask the teachers the same questions. 1) Was Ryan kind today? 2) Was he a good friend? 3) Did he share? Not necessarily in that order, but you get the idea. As parents, all we want is for our children to love and be loved. That starts with teaching them how to be kind to others and to themselves! A child is NEVER too young to learn and appreciate the value of love and kindness. Colleen and I want nothing more for our children, and for the children of our friends, followers and beyond. We dream big. But if you don't dare to dream, what else is there? We really believe we can make a difference by spreading our message and teaching children that it's OK to be different. It's OK to wish and hope and dream. It's OK to be YOU! But most importantly, it's better than OK to love one another and be kind to everyone.

3) What inspires you in your work?

Our children. Our families. The impact our work has already HAD in such a short time! The visions we see and the goals we wish to achieve. We also inspire one another :)

4) Tell us about 1 act of kindness that YOU have experienced that stands out in your mind.

Recently, my husband and I bought a house in my hometown of Carmel, IN. We had our inspection last week and wrote our check to the company, Cornerstone Inspection Services. Upon receiving the check, the owner VOIDED the check and returned it to us with a very touching note. You see, my sister was very tragically killed this summer, and her two sons were left parentless. My husband and I are very excited to adopt them and for Ryan and Maddie to gain 2 brothers! But there is a LOT that has to happen first. We have to sell our house in St. Louis, my husband has to get a job, and then we GET to move and add 2 children to our family! The kind man knew about our situation and simply stated that he could not accept the check. He said we should put it toward Connor & Danny's future. This rather large act of kindness blew my family away. I cried and cried just thinking about the Christmas presents I can buy the boys with that money! Meanwhile, my husband says it's going straight to the bank. Either way, to him it may have been small, but to me, it was everything I needed that day to prove once again that there is good in this world!

5) Finish the sentence: “Kindness is…”

love personified. <3

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