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Animals In Trouble

Submitted by Kim Hester from 1070 Silver Stone Way

This story is about a girl named Kamille who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

This girl is amazing. She adopts pets and finds them good homes. She recently took up a blanket collection and brought all of them to the animals at the shelter. She picks up deceased dogs off of the road and brings them in to see if they have a chip so she can locate the owners. She takes in strays and pays money to find...

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Submitted by Ruth from South Africa

Some time ago, I was asked by a friend from church to drive a lady in the community to her appointment with a social worker. I dropped her there, parked the car, and went for a walk down the road while waiting. As I was walking, someone out of the blue just put a beautiful bunch of flowers in my hand. I was really taken aback, and with an expression of surprise on my face, the person said it...

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The One Spot (Target)

Submitted by clarisse from sacramento

came in today at work at 2am . me and my team are setting the "one spot".all the stuff were basically $1-5. after we demerge all the stuff there and cleaned the shelves and when we're ready to push back all the stuff the that we took out. i saw a dollar inside the ziplock, so at first i thought it was a play money but to my surprise at the back of the plastic there's a piece of...

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Pizza Time

Submitted by Barbara Terry from Seminole Florida

Several years ago I was getting ready to leave my favorite pizza place after having lunch. I noticed a group of four young persons at the table next to me, pooling their money and trying to figure out what they could order and still leave a tip. I called my waitress over and told her I would pay for that table's food plus a generous tip. They were not to be told who did this. My waitress accepted my...

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A Gift At The Dollar Tree

Submitted by Barbara Terry from 10095 Nassau Ct, Seminole FL 33776

I was standing in a long line at the Dollar Tree. Right before it was my turn, the woman behind me asked if I might do her a favor. I assumed she wanted to cut in front, and I said, "Sure. What can I do for you?" She said, "I'd like to do a random act of kindness and pay for your purchases. It would please me so much." I let her pay for the three items at $3.21,...

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Sunglasses Made My Day!

Submitted by Scott Philhower from Tampa, FL

I was working doing advertising for a hair salon late June it was HOT in the low 90s! A very nice lady approached me and asked if I had water and sunscreen? I said yes! He then asked if I had sunglasses? I said no, she went into Walgreens and bought me a nice pair of glasses! It totally made my day! Thank you for your random act of kindness! God Bless those you bless others!

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Disney Parking Ticket At Magic Kingdom, Orlando June 8 2015

Submitted by Susan Debenham from England

A very kind american family paid for our parking ticket at Magic Kingdom on June 8 2015. This was a lovely surprise and really made our day. After we parked the car we meet up with them and thanked them. We will be going back to Magic Kingdom next year and will make sure we will return this act of kindness and hope it will make someone else's day too.

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Richmond Station

Submitted by Abby from London

To the stranger who surprised me this morning at Richmond station with a box of chocolates - "Thank you".

I was having a horrible morning, feeling stressed and running late for work. Your RAK cheered me up, helped me to get over the bad start to my day and head into work with a smile.

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Brighten Someone's Day, Every Day, And Yours Will Be Brightened Too.

Submitted by Judy Rigby from Spokane Valley WA

I was shopping yesterday, and just looking around in the store, and happened to notice a mother pushing a small, young man in a wheel chair. He was small, but looked about the age of 15, and was a down-syndrome boy. I have a grandson,10 years old, who has down-syndrome, and he is the sweetest child to be around. He loves to get into mischief, and run fast, but is fun to play with and enjoys others who share...

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Chicken N Dumplins

Submitted by Karen from Arizona

recently I was traveling for work and decided that I must have some chicken and Dumplins from the Cracker Barrel. When I was done eating, the waitress told me to have a great day. I asked for the bill and she told me that someone had already taken care of it! I was amazed and looked around to try to figure out who and say thank you. No one made eye contact and she wouldn't tell me. Thank you...

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