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Here'e Your Wallet, Miss

Submitted by Selena from California

On Black Friday this past year I was out shopping with my friends. We had tons of bags with us that it was actually very hard for us to keep track of all out things. Every time we went into a different store and dropped our bags to take a look at something. When i go shopping I always have the bad idea of throwing my wallet inside my shopping bags. Now this was black Friday and if you've...

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A Nice High Schooler

Submitted by W.B.H. from U.S.A.

It was right after my robotics meet in January that I decided to watch the high school robotics competition. I was disappointed that the people in the competition were on lunch break. I was about to leave when a high schooler came over to me and asked me if I wanted to try out the robot. It was amazing and I will never forget his great deed

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Special Birthday Lunch

Submitted by Joan Dale from Winnipeg

Recently, my girlfriend, Donna Beekenkamp. and I were out celebrating a "Special" birthday of mine at Earls Restaurant at Polo Park. We were deep into conversation when I noticed a neighbour from the lake, Jay Ramanand. I waved to him, and he came over to say hello and give me a big hug. I explained we were celebrating my birthday, and after a brief conversation and birthday wishes from him he returned to his table. After an enjoyable and...

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#Rodfrom Togo

Submitted by Sophie Darling from Sydney Australia

Today my faith in humanity was restored by a man named Rod from Togo,

Last night Sydney was in near chaos due to the freak weather, traffic was a nightmare and the public transport system was crumbling under the pressure of fallen trees, wet people and poor visibility. On the train home from school after a very long day of year 12 exams, my train was terminated and upon disembarking I left my wallet on the train....

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I Don't Need A Cart, But I'll Put Yours Away!

Submitted by Claire from New Jersey

I was walking across the parking lot heading into the grocery store, in a rush to get in and out before it got busy. I saw a woman out of the corner of my eye, struggling with her 2-year old in her arms while trying to maneuver a cart. She called out to me, asking if I needed a cart. I realized she was done with hers and was trying to put it back at the front of the...

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Raining With Kindness

Submitted by Auzita Pourshasb from Sydney

As it rains in Sydney it can be intermittent or unexpected, unfortunately for the less prepared pedestrians they are left running frantically to their building . In this case, despite how big or small my umbrella is, I always take the opportunity to share my umbrella and interact with the stranger and make them smile with a good hearted story.

I hope as Sydney progresses into the winter season, our fellow citizens share their umbrellas with pedestrians...

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New Couch

Submitted by Nichelle from Illinois

My mother and I, who are both barely 5 feet tall and not very strong were trying to help my step dad carry a new couch into our house when a guy driving by stops in the middle of the road, gets out of his truck and helps us carry the couch in. He then left while barely acknowledging our thank you's and we didn't even get his name.

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My 'Live Together' Moment.

Submitted by Derek Ray from Palm Harbor, Florida

Earlier this year (2015)...

It was still dark in the mornings driving to work – to and from, always dark. Waiting desperately to ‘spring forward’ those clocks and enjoy what it means to be a Floridian, sunshine. For now, still dark – always dark; counting down to that glorious day - Daylight Savings - and get back to living our sun filled lives.

Winding through my neighborhood in a manner that...

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Random Act Of Kindness

Submitted by Daisy from California

I was in the computer commons one day getting ready to print out some
papers for my next class. In order to print you must have money on the card you
receive from the school. I was in line to put money on my card, when it was my
turn I realized I didn’t have any change. Some guy noticed I didn’t have change and he gave me a $1 to print out my paper.

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Recipient Of An Act Of Kindness

Submitted by Clara Martinez from Lindsay CA,

I truly believe that there are more kind people in the world than rude, mean, and cruel ones. I will never forget what my teacher Mrs. Irving, did for me when I was in eighth grade. All eight graders who had good grades were going to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I didn't worry about my grades because I didn't have any F's. The problem was my mom, she didn't give me permission to go because there was a fee...

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