One smile. One hug. One cup of coffee. One person...

Who's Your One?

Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person?
Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression?
Share your kindness story with the world.

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Marty is a 50 yr old woman who is blind, & 3/4 deaf. She has lost alot of her mobility and is in a W/C. Her service dog has become retired which has increased her social anxiety. Monthly(when the weather permittes) she finds a ride from VT to CT to visit her retired service dog before that can no longer...

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Receiving kindness from a stranger

I was going through a sort of rough patch, my depression had me at an all time low. I found it hard most days to smile. Until one day, I met an older man who completely made my day by telling a corny joke. Ordinary I wouldn't of laughed, nor gave a small smile. But caught off guard I laughed...

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Helping Other People

One day i was walking home and I had seen a homeless guy and i had felt bad. So later on when it was dinner time for me, me and my brother wanted to give him some food. So we had asked our mom if we can give him some food, So she had gave me money to go by...

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Hello, my name is Rebecca. At the time of writing this, I am 13 years old. And I'd like to tell you about my best friend, Borislava.

She is Bulgarian, but speaks English very well and is even learning Japanese! (Yes, because of animes) When she first came to my school, she wanted to be my friend. That was years...

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Public park

When I walk in a public park in the city on a good-weather-day, I am stunned by how many lonely people I encounter, walking alone or sitting alone on benches.
Last week, during a walk in a park in a foreign city, I got the following idea:
We would have color coded benches near the entrance of a park or...

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Me Giving Back...

One day i was coming home and it was very dark outside and cold this lady & her son was laying on the stairs that are connected to my apartment buildings. So by it's very cold outside i couldn't stand the fact that the lady and her son had nowhere to go so i went into my house got them...

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RAKFriday 2018

I had such a good day yesterday.
Not only did I get to spend time with my friends at one of their places, but I also got to spread some kindness but in real life and online!
I brought snacks with me for my friends, told them I loved them, gave a drawing of her dog to the friend who...

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Grocery shopping

My daughter, 3 year old granddaughter and I were grocery shopping yesterday and a man and several young boys started to walk past my granddaughter and I, the man stopped and asked if he could tell me about his son, of course I said yes and he told me his son suffered from brain cancer for 7 months and passed...

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Angel on the Plane

A woman on the plane from Charlotte to Chattanooga November 14 engaged my 9 month old grandson at the airport.
She was as enthralled with him as he with her. When we got on the plane she happened to be sitting right behind us and asked to hold him. He went into her arms like he had known her all...

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Made My Day

I was out with my friend today, and we had both forgotten our credit cards. We needed some money to buy lunch and she had phoned her dad to see what he could do. We were an hour away from any family so we had to cash nor cards on us. This man came up to a cashpoint and gave...

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A surprise in the mail

Today I woke up, thinking it was going to be just another day.

And well, it was only partly true. Because today, as my mother came into my room unannounced as she always does, I was still in my bed. She told me I had gotten something in the mail. At first I was skeptical, thinking that it was going...

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My Little Kitty :3

Hi its me Erica ,I am back with a story to tell you. So this happen a long long time a go i was 5 or 6 i was playing out side and a lady a next's door left food out for all the cats and i went over because i liked to go see all the cats. the lady...

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What I want to do when I'm older :)

Hello again I'm Hannah and I'm 11 years old and this is what I want to do when I grow up. I want to be a nurse when I grow up just like my mom. When I am a nurse I would help people if they are sick or they need help. What I would do is I would go...

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Who is your one!

Hi! I am Tyler and I am back with my third story. If you remember I am 11 and my birthday is December/22/2006. This time my story is about my grandma her name is Paula and I love her to death. No matter what She is always with me through rough times and good times. She always keeps me alive...

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Love bring joy!

Once again i'm back with another story. I am 11 years old and I am born on December/22/2006 and my name is Tyler Denison. This time my story is about thanks giving. Most people go to some kind of place for thanks give and to see your family. But not every body gets to eat food for thanks giving and...

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I Like to Help on Thanksgiving

Instead of being lazy on Thanksgiving, I help my sister and my mom bake the turkey and make stuffing along with other side dishes. After I am done helping them, My dad and I go to the store to get ingredients to make a celery plate -- a family tradition! We get celery, cream cheese, peanut butter, green olives, black...

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A Little Thing Can Always Help!

A few days a go it was National Kindness Day it was a small thing I did but it made a little girl happy. My name is Erica I am 12, and going to be 13 in May, so what i did is it was the day I went to the dentist I was playing on my phone like all...

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I Was Inspired By A Story

I was inspired by the story on your website about fostering and adopting animals. When i saw this story it answered what i would want to do in the future. It would make me feel great about myself helping animals to get adopted so there is more space for more animals. I think its really good to start with adopting...

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Teaching my niece on how to play Minecraft :D

Hi I'm Hannah and I'm 11 years old and this is my kindness story. When my niece was at my house one time my brother told me that my niece wanted to play Minecraft. I was a little bit mean at first saying no but then my brother made me let her play, so then I let her play, and...

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My dad is my hero!

Hi! I am Tyler and I am 11 and I am doing big things in my life already. Today I have came to share my story with you! My story is about my dad. My dad is 39 and he as back problems and a lot more his disk in his back is breaking and i do not think my...

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