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Mystery Guy

Submitted by Rebecca from New Jersey

I was walking thru town with my girlfriend, we were just talking and laughing and enjoying the day . Then we kinda noticed a man across the street with what appeared to be a blind mans stick in his hand . As we were looking at him to see if he was indeed blind and trying to cross the street , a truck pulled up on the corner And this guy just hopped out, went across the street and helped...

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Stranded Motorist

Submitted by H Wilson from Virginia

After a long day of work I headed up to my home which followed a few winter storms. Roads were mostly passable, but I came upon a motorist who had slipped off to the side of the road on a mountainside and was stuck in a snow bank. After a brief conversation I was able to calm her down and tried to dig her out. Attempts to drive her out with salt and stone were fruitless. She then informed...

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Wiggle It...Just A Little Bit!

Submitted by Tracy from Melbourne, Australia

here in Australia there is a children's group called "The Wiggles" a group that sings and dances for small kids. I work for a company that is a major sponsor of this group, (well the car they "drive" on their shows!) and through my company we were able to get free tickets to one of their shows. We could request up to 10 tickets for shows in either Melbourne or Sydney. I asked for 6 for Melbourne and 4...

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Gentleman Paid For My Groceries No Idea Who He Was!

Submitted by Sophie from Aliso Viejo, CA

On Sunday, February 22, 2015, a gentleman paid for my groceries at Stater Brothers in Aliso Viejo, CA. I was so taken aback that I thought of so many things to say later. His name was Robert and very sweet and handsome. I wish I could thank him again properly! It made my day and I made sure to pay it forward by donating to a friend's Avon walkathon for breast cancer the same day. Thank you again, wherever...

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Kindness From Our Kids

Submitted by Cerise from Weidner

My oldest daughter Brianna who is 10 years old is so giving and caring and her random acts of kindness inspire me all of the time!! last year she saw a flyer for a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in our area in October and she created a team ' lil ladies making a difference' and they even did most of their own fundraising and walked a little over 2 miles to show support! haha five little girls!...

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Stranger Child

Submitted by Kyle Gray from Panama City fl

I was at Shanes (a local rib and bbq restaurant) ordering food with my partner. I'm a Emt and he's a paramedic. I was standing at the counter when I seen a kid appear at the corner of my eye. He looked about 8 or 9 and was wearing a red plaid shirt a red bow tie and a blue blazer. Very daper if I say so myself. He gave me a coupon for a free drink And smiled...

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Promise Of A New Beginning...

Submitted by Kim Candise from Calgary

On Tuesday, February 17th I was laid off from my position at a major oil & gas company and on Thursday while standing on 4 Street S.W., Calgary Alberta a young child of 4 -5 approached me. She reached up and handed me a yellow rose and with a smile and twinkle in her eye, said, "Here". I was shocked and surprised by this act of kindness and felt as if someone knew I needed some encouragement to know...

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Elevated Spirits

Submitted by Ted from Maryland

I travel a lot for business. The airline I'm flying on grants a complementary adult beverage with their business class (a.k.a. - highest price) service. The beverage coupon prints out with your boarding pass.

Last week, I went to print out my non-business class boarding pass at the Pittsburgh airport and noticed someone had left a print out under the kiosk. One of the people in front of me had left their beverage coupon for a stranger...

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Pay It Forward

Submitted by Courtney from Phoenix, AZ

Several years ago, I had gone to Chicago to visit a boyfriend that was training at the Navy base on Lake Michigan. An hour before I got on my flight, my aunt passed away from cancer. I would have cancelled my trip, but my parents and family insisted I go. Four days later I was on my way home feeling tired and beaten down. I'd gotten into a fight with my boyfriend and we had broken up. We got...

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New Tire

Submitted by KLT from Spanish Fort, AL

1 week ago I discovered my vehicle had a nearly flat tire. I pumped it up and made it to a local tire shop and was given the news that a patch would not hold where the nail was discovered in the tire. I would need to buy a replacement tire ($180 for the off brand or $200 to match the other 3 tires) which they would need to order as neither brand was in stock. I stepped away...

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