Kindness Starts With One®

One smile. One hug. One cup of coffee. One person...

Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person? Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression? Share your kindness story with the world.

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Pay It Forward Friday

I was in the drive-thru at Starbucks waiting to pay for my order. When I pulled up to the window to pay, the car ahead of me had paid for my order to my surprise! Of course, I paid it forward by paying for the next order. It's so nice to see kindness being shown.

I'm deeming today as Pay...

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Be Strong By Being Kind!

In today's world, people think being strong is being tough, unfeeling, powerful, influential, etc. But is it really? I think being strong is having courage to, even when everything is against you, be kind, patient, and understanding. No, don't let people take advantage of you, but instead of being mean and hateful like so much of this evil world is,...

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Through the Good and the Bad, Be Kind!

2020 was a very difficult year for all of us for relatively obvious reasons. COVID-19 happened, we were forced to stay in our homes, isolated from people other than possibly our families, (for some of us), and even when we did go out, we had to social distance with masks. As for me, both 2020 and 2021 were very hard....

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when my sis was in hard time s i help her a lot

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Kindness through letters

Hello I am Allison and I love spreading kindness to others all around the world
How can I be put in the news for a story about how I have over 778 pen pals from different places all over the world and I hand write each letter and I spread kindness to each of them because of how bad this...

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Allison’s story

When I was born i weighed 1lb and 10oz so I’ve been fighting all my life I am 24 now and I’ve lost a lot of wonderful people in my life.
I gave my life to the lord when I was 15 now I live for spreading kindness in the world by sending letters and cards to random people blessing...

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Lonely Christmas ..

It was Christmas day of 2019, a Thursday morning and I was in the worse emotional pain in my entire life. I was disconnected from my family and no real friends left in my life, and I was spending Christmas homeless on the streets after the homeless shelter barred me because of me being Loud and over emotional basically no...

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Why I Choose Kindness

At 11 years old I became the target of bullying for the first time. This experience came with long-lasting effects that I hope no one ever has to experience first hand. After confiding in trusted adults, a door opened to a world of kindness of every single adult trying to help in the best way possible. From then on, I...

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The boy and woman

One day a boy falls into a well and l heard a voice of crying l go near to the well and l see a boy is fall into the well call my mother and she came and help the boy and he get injure badly and boold is coming out from his leg we give first aid to him...

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Kindness Matters

hi! my name is riya and i'm an incoming eighth grader at mason middle school in mason, ohio; and i don't exactly have anything too special to share, but to me; it's worth sharing.
back in march of 2021, i said to myself "i wanna do something to help others, the community." so i decided to start putting up lemonade...

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Random act of kindness

While walking down the street i heard an old lady screaming for help .I did not know where she was screaming from but I finally saw her in a drain.she was breathing fast so I took her out of the drain and put her to lay down on a wooden bed because I couldn't get anything else.i called for help...

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Homeless man on Christmas day

My mom and I when she was alive would go out on Christmas day to give a homeless person $20 for a meal. One day we saw this Hispanic homeless man with a shopping cart, everything was neatly folded and packed in his cart. We stopped and handed him the $20 and he immediately fell to his knees and cried,...

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The homeless woman

One day as I walking down a street with my friend holding a bag of food we were going to eat later we saw a homeless woman. We gave her our food as she seemed way more hungry than us and we left

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i open door :l

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Helping Others

About two years ago I helped my grandma get Christmas set up.

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Sending my friends good messages.

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Be someone’s Mrs. Wolffer

When I was a young child, my home was not a good place to be. My next door neighbor recognized what was needed. She spent countless hours with me, talking about plants and gardens. She complemented me on my better features. She oozed love. She was one of the only adults I ever felt safe around. I realized later what...

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Winter wear for Kids

I joined my workplace in 2017, I wanted to donate my salary for some goodness in society. I never believed in going through some agency and wanted to be someone who indulges directly with the people. The winters were approaching. My Mom's Sister (P.S: She received the National Teachers' Award in 2015) who is a teacher in a Tribal school...

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My kindness story

After my husband died suddenly 6 years ago ..I experienced amazing kindness from friends and family ..from people helping me move and sort out financial issues ,buying me groceries.someone bought me shoes for my daughter's wedding .to driving me places when I needed it,.and so many other things . the amazing love and support ,listening to me say the same...

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It's hard to pick a favourite; there are no small acts of kindness. 🌞

There was a time in my life when I drove over 50K km/year, and being on the road that much I've been first on the scene at accidents, added gas to cars, changed tires, given rides, boosted batteries... But this isn't about me. I've always told...

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