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Packet Of Rolos

Submitted by Philomena from Solihull

A lady & her lovely little boy called Alfie have just approached me to say they thought I looked sad whilst telling my friend a story....Alfie then presented me with a packet of Rolos & said he hoped they would make me happy. Feeling very humble. Thank you Alfie & your mommy X

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Virgin Mobile Helped Me. A Very Unusual Kindness

Submitted by Mark from San Francisco East Bay

I have lost my job. I didn't have enough money to pay my Virgin Mobile bill, so I called them today to cancel my phone service. Virgin Mobile gave me a free month to help me find work. I did not have to ask, they simply offered it to me, and gave it to me. It is a very unusual kindness, and I am very grateful. I have been feeling a bit hopeless, so a very nice thing for...

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Breastfeeding Mum

Submitted by Maria Cardenal from Leeds

I saw a woman breastfeeding a child in Costa Coffee, when a stranger, who was leaving the shop passed her a gift card. Inside was a receipt for £5 and a note saying "you breastfed in public" go you!! Xx

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She Wanted To See More Kindness In The World

Submitted by Stephanie P. from Victoria, BC

My daughter just turned six and has been seeing iced tea and lemonade stands pop up all over and was so excited to do one of her own. We were in the process of getting the supplies and I asked her how much she was going to charge per glass. She said "nothing".... I asked her why she wasn't going to charge anything. Her reply was simple, but inspiring. She said if she didn't charge anything for the iced...

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Submitted by Theresa Rodriguez from Sandia Park, NM

The students in my class wanted to do random acts of kindness for the entire staff & faculty at our school- 52 adults in all. They named their club: San Antonito Kids' Secret Acts of Kindness (S.A.K.)2. Each month a different student came up with the gift idea and the message. The class made the item and hand-wrote the message. I secretly placed the bag of goodies under the front office clerk's desk who put them in the mailboxes...

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Submitted by John from Hazlehurst, GA

I was in line at the local Harvey's supermarket and the elderly lady ahead of me had a dozen roses she had added to her shopping items. When the other items were totaled she asked about the price of the flowers. As the cashier waited on the bagboy to return with the price of the flowers she said she hadn't gotten roses since her husband passed. When she was told the price of the flowers she asked for them...

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Making Someones Day A Little Brighter:)

Submitted by Kathryn Strobel from Walled Lake Michigan

Good morning!

I was driving up to Tim Horton's today for a cup of coffee when I started to wonder, "how can I make someones day a little brighter?" Then it came to my mind to pay for the persons order who was behind me in line.

We never know what people are going through and it's so nice to surprise with a little "random act of kindness"

I hope it made their...

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Paid For Parking

Submitted by tasha from tynemouth

me and my other half were standing by my car trying to decide whether to go and get change or pay for our parking via phone when a guy came up to us and said to you need change and just put some money into my hand. i started to say i only had a £10 note but he just said dont worry about it and walked away! it was totally random and i was so shocked at first...

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When In The Fast Food Lane Look Behind You.

Submitted by Baltimore Lady from Baltimore, Maryland

When at McDonalds recently I looked behind and saw a woman with several small children. When it came time for me to buy my one burger and drink I asked what was the total for the lady behind me and paid her bill. As I drove off I had such a wonderful feeling that I do this often when going through lines at Burger King, Starbucks etc.

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Good Things Happen To Good Girls

Submitted by Kayla from Dana point

I picked up a summer job at the local surf shop ( which also happens to carry some of the cutest clothes) and it was so hard not to buy everything. From my first day working, I was obsessed with this lite blue dress after trying it on, problem was that it was $70 and I had to save up for my out of state college tuition, so I had no room to spend it on clothes. One day,...

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