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"Random Acts Of K Indness" Video In Midst Of Xonophobic Attacks

Submitted by Prof Jean Greyling from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

My first years students from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University posted this video of random acts they did, 2 weeks ago. Never did they know how relevant it would be to South Africa. We are experiencing horrific xenophobic attacks, and many are responding with great enthusiasm to this little video that has so much symbolism and positive energy compared to what we experience and see daily on our media. To view the video, click here.

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Submitted by Amanda Ockert from Wichita

I love random act of kindness. About a week ago at work I was going inside my building and I work in medical field so I seen this guy who had a hard time walking. He was looking at me smiling I asked him if I could help him get to where he was going by walking him their. He said no I am fine thank you. So I went up to my floor and got this guy a...

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Homies Help Homies

Submitted by Erika A from Florence Ky

So I was walking downtown with my mom and there was this guy that well seemed to be homeless. It was kinda cold that day and I noticed that he kept Coughing like he had a cold. I felt bad and I told my mom,"Should I give him something ". She responded yes. We had 2 water bottles and I had $10. I went up to him and I gave offered them to him. He said "Thank You, Not...

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Gift Card Surprise

Submitted by gh from Hollywood, California

our family was taking a "selfie" in front of the Chinese theatre and a lady walked up and asked us if we would like her to take it. of course with us being in Hollywood we were nervous giving her the phone. after she took it she gave our family a $20 Starbucks gift card!

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Just This Guy

Submitted by paul from canada

he was sitting about 10 meters away from the road; his head hung down between his knees. I saw him as I went driving by to the local store. I guess he stayed in my mind. About 10 minutes later when I drove back he was still there, same posture.. I stopped, got out, told him that I could not give a ride because I was not going far, but would this be helpful, and handed him a $20....

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In Memory Of Jd

Submitted by Amanda Dickinson from Palmyra, VA

My amazing husband & father to our two little girls died extremely unexpectedly on September 29, 2014. His name was JD & not only did he love us fully, but he had an infectious quick wit, a super cute smile and was a wonderfully kind soul. He was my someone, the love of my life, my always and forever. He died at the age of 39.

In an effort to honor him and help our girls (ages...

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Submitted by Marieon Schauer from Quakers Hills, NSW, Sydney, Australia

every pay week, I buy a $5 bunch of flowers and hand them to random strangers. I always leave a card, written in pink ink with the words ... "you are the recipient of a random act of kindness ... enjoy" I have thrust them at the customer service teller at my bank ... the teller at a facility I don't even patronise, a cityrail employee who enlightened me with a good customer service experience ... someone on the...

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A Kind Stranger At Christmas

Submitted by Stephanie from Gainsborough

When I took my class onto a school trip to Cologne in Germany last December we were doing our usual head count outside Cologne cathedral, overlooking the Christmas market, when suddenly a German man came up to us, asking me abruptly if this were the leader of this group. Fearing some of my group's teenagers had misbehaved in some way I answered him, yes, upon which the gentleman simply put 40 Euros into my hand, saying :"Go and treat...

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Snow Day

Submitted by Rick Raemisch from Colorado Springs

When I moved here, due to the huge snowfalls in my previous state, I brought a snow blower as big as a Volkswagen with me. Everyone laughed, and said it would not be needed due to the mild winters here. Well in February we received about 10 inches of wet, heavy snow. I used that Volkswagen blower to do my driveway, and then did three neighbors driveways, two of whom I had not met yet. They had their driveways...

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Mother Daughter Time

Submitted by Corazon Cueva from Sacramento

I am a single mother of 4 and two of my kids are special needs, college student for my masters, and work 3 jobs plus volunteer at my two youngest kid's school. My kids wanted to do something nice for me for a change as they put it I'm always doing things for them. My children wanted to give me and early Mother's day gift by buying me new makeup at Ulta. After we did a little shopping, my...

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