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Submitted by danielle from minnesota

once when we were camping, we bought a ton of fire wood. When some other campers showed up with no fire wood, we decided to give our remaining fire wood to them. Later that day, we were getting ready to leave, but the car was out of battery. The same campers came over and got our car started. When we were on the road, my mother said, "this is karma, be nice to others."

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Breakfast Kindness


Its happened to everyone-that moment the cashier glances up at you from their screen and they say those 4 terrifying words, "your card was declined." you feel like crawling into a hole and dying- not only does it make you feel low as dirt, but its super embarrassing as well. Its embarrassing to you, the other customers, AND the cashier. It wasn't even because i had no money-I had taken the sticker off my new card that i received...

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7 Days Of Kindness...

Submitted by #76sjd from Lakeland, Florida

Day 1 - Left a package in the mailbox for my mail carrier containing a box of Flipz pretzels, Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer, a car air freshener, and $2 for a drink.

Day 2 - Prepaid for $10 on a gas pump and left a note that explained that it was just a random act of kindness.

Day 3 - Purchased a $10 Subway gift card and waited for 15 minutes in my...

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With Love And Kindness

Submitted by Lisa Travis from Local grade school


My name is Lisa and I work in a local grade school. I am an assistant in a fifth grade class and these are trying time for these student are going through puberty and they can become very sassy. I have grwon shildren of my own and grandchildren so I know what time it is for these mouthy youngsters. Don't get me wrong I love children. As a mater-of-fact i love all people but taht does...

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Unexpected Surprise...

Submitted by Larry Anderson from MN

I was on a flight from Nashville to Dallas recently when I witnessed a very cool "Act of Kindness". Most often when entering a plane I look at the people in First Class as maybe I am slightly jealous of their accommodations. I noticed a particular guy who was wearing a very nice Sport Coat and other than admire it as I walked by, thought no more about him. I proceeded to my "Coach" seat in Row 24 and took...

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A Family Who Didn't Have Enough Money!

Submitted by jeshua from Indian Trail North Carolina

So one day i was working at Wendy's. I saw those family ordered a full meal and they counted their money and it wasn't enough to afford their meal. So I decided to give them some of my money and extra meal. I didn't care if m manager would get mad at me. After that said "I hope you'll enjoy your meal." Then they said "I appreciate your kindness."

I felt good after that because it was...

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New York City

Submitted by Sloane from Manhattan

Today when I walked into my apartment building, my doorman looked glum, so I said "You look sad." He said, "No, I'm just tired. I really need a coffee." So instead of going to my apartment, I went to the local cafe and bought a cup of coffee, then gave it to him. He looked confused when I said it was for him. "You said you needed a cup of coffee, so I got you one," I explained. Within...

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Ice Cream!!!

Submitted by Noor Zhafarini from Malaysia

I was out with my friends to a local grocery mart after class. We bought groceries, ate good food, and spent good time together. Before we left the mart, we discovered a stall which sold ice cream and we got excited thinking that it's been so long since we last had ice cream! One of our friends decided to pay for our ice creams and we were happy and the mart was filled with our screams of excitement! Then...

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Paying Respect To U S Veterans

Submitted by Sandi from West Linn OR

Today there was a Veteran handing out flowers to customers in front of Haggen. I told him thank you for serving our country and I hope people were nice to him. I presented him with a gift card to Starbuck's . I told him to buy himself a drink on me. He stood there in shocking disbelief! He started to cry I hugged him and told him, "God Bless."

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Awesome Picture Frame

Submitted by Joyce Steele from Elmira, NY

As I prepared to leave home to care for my sister in her mighty battle against cancer in January 2015, I contacted my credit card company. The reason for calling the company was let them know I would be using my card in another state so they would not worry about theft of my card. When asked by the gentleman assisting me with my call if I was going on a fun trip, I told...

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