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Under My Umbrella

Submitted by Paula from Philippines

Last Monday night it was gloomy and the rain is about to pour. I was in line in the terminal of tricycle and a woman was behind me. It wasn't raining at first, but when it did I got my umbrella from my bag and open it. I noticed that the woman behind me has no umbrella. I offered her that we can share my umbrella. She told me that she has an umbrella but...

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Small Stones Has A Great Impact

Submitted by kristine mae m. semilla from taguig city

it was september 26 when i was able to do a small act of kindness that i am proud to share to everyone . As i was going throught a very busy and stressful day my aunt ask me if i would help her in duties in the clinic . I immediately replied yes at first i was shocked for my reponse because it was not usual for me to do that . upon doing the task i suddenly felt...

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Kindness Of Strangers

Submitted by Louise from Kitchener

I was in the Tim Horton's drive-thru getting a coffee, feeling kind of down because I'd been laid off 2 months prior and was realizing it was going to be hard to find a new job like the one I'd had. I had just gone grocery shopping and decided to stop and get a coffee on my way home. As I got to the drive-thru window, the lady informed me that the truck in front had paid for my...

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Happy Tummy

Submitted by Lara Grasparil from Taft, Manila

My sister & I, after school, decided to grab some dinner in a nearby fast food chain. On the way, we saw a grandmother together with her grandson who happened to have a down syndrome, lying on the sidewalk. While the grandmother was sleeping, the grandson went walking back and forth the sidewalk. My sister & I always had a soft spot for old people so when we saw them, we immediately thought of giving something to...

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A Lesson For A Dream

Submitted by Starla Arcinue from Cavite

I was sitting outside of our house to watch those kids playing in our neighborhood. It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon and the kids were shouting because of joy. Then, I saw a little girl who was just sitting and watching her siblings to play with those other kids. I have known that little girl and we often called her ‘Inday’. We are living in a slum area that’s why there’s a lot of...

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.Picking Up Of Garbage

Submitted by Jasmin Mangune from Manila, Philippines

Every day whenever I go to school I always see pieces of garbage scattered on the hallway, streets and even inside jeepneys. Because of that I can’t help but ask myself, “What can I do?” Until one day I came up with an idea of picking up pieces of trash that I will pass into as I go to school. On that day , September 24, aside from preparing my things for school I also prepared and brought with...

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Breakfast To Pump Up

Submitted by Maui from Philippines

One day as I was riding in a cab, I have observed how tired the driver was. I had no idea whether I was the first customer of the driver or maybe his last one. We Filipinos do not give up easily despite how tired we are from the things we do. We still manage to work because we know that if we work hard for something that we want, we receive something in return....

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The Printing Station

Submitted by Hazel Cueto from Manila, Philippines

It was Friday, September 18, 2015. I already went to the classroom and found out from my class mate that the homework from last week was to be passed. I couldn't find my homework in my bag, which eventually led me to thinking that I forgot to bring it! Good thing I have a back-up file saved in a flash drive and good thing I still had 15 minutes before the class starts.

With this, I hurriedly...

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The Couple Behind The Motor

Submitted by Bryant from Marikina City

I, Angelo, and Sigrid are on our way to our ride. We were walking quickly on the side of DLSU because we need to go to the hospital before rush hour. While we were walking, a couple was riding on their motorcycle holding many things. The girl drop her phone, bag, and the other stuffs inside the bag. I didn't doubt to help them. I quickly approach them and help her to pick her things on the road. The...

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Viand For A Friend

Submitted by Jochelle Cliffany Santos from CSB Main Campus

September 22, 2015

My mom, since I was in grade school, tend to cook my meal that I'll have to bring in school for lunch. It was a Tuesday morning, September 22, 2015, when I smelled the delicious chicken she had been preparing for me to bring at school. However, the same day, I also had to attend a workshop conducted by one of the organizations that I belong, which is the Center...

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