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A Helping Hand Goes A Long Way

Submitted by Damian Snow from San Diego, California

Hello everyone! This is something that's been on my mind that I really wanted to share to you all. Over the past 2 weeks, and yes, two weeks, I've saved 5 different lives, one of them twice. It's something I've been doing lately, just being there for friends and even people I didn't know! The first life I saved was a boy, 16 mind you, who was suicidal. I messaged a friend of mine who told me what was...

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A Little Gift

Submitted by Anonymous from USA

I remember in eighth grade we had a huge jar of skittles. Everyone was supposed to make an estimate on the amount of skittles, so while everyone else guessed around 200 to 300, I made a guess of around 647. I was three off. I recieved the jar and proceeded to give a handful to each person in my class. I still had enough for my teacher, my counselor, and my friend from another class!

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Jackie R.

Submitted by Pat from Chicago

Jackie is a homeless man who comes a couple of times a week to the hotel I work at. He is caught in a situation where he cant get help because he has no address, and he has no address so he cant get help. He is always pleasant, always has a smile.He is a rather large fellow. Size 7X shirt size 5X pants. I noticed that for three months he had on the same shirt and pants every...

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Harry Potter Photos

Submitted by Meg from London, Enland

Last week, I was vacationing in London with my Dad. He was there on a business trip, and he let me come along. So during the day I would go sightseeing while he was at work, and then we would meet up again in the evenings. Now, I am an incredibly avid Harry Potter fan, and one of the biggest reasons that I was excited for London was to see anything and everything related to Harry Potter. So, one...

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There Is No Better Birthday Present Than Helping Out Another.

Submitted by Ami Reader from Bellmawr, NJ

August 1st, 2015: My birthday had arrived and my husband and I had decided to spend the day going on random adventures before hitting up a Hibachi in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. At dinner we were seated at a table with another gentleman and his eight-ten year old son. We shared some polite conversation through the meal and, afterwards, parted ways. Or so we had thought.
As my husband and I were walking through the parking garage I...

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Submitted by Chloe from Brighton

So today I had to send some mail and obviously there wasn't any stamps in the house so I had to go to the post office. I first decided I would try a much closer local shop, upon having explained to me how they only send 2nd class books of 6 for £3.90 I decided to leave to go futher into town. But when I left the shop I got stopped by the person who was in front of...

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Helping Hand

Submitted by Summer from Chicago

While living in Illinois my friend and I would often drive to downtown Chicago to visit our other friend. We noticed after a couple trips that there was a homeless man always sitting at the same exit ramp. One day we decided to bring some food and water down with us and give it to him. When he saw that we had brought him things his eyes lit up and he became overwhelmed with joy. After seeing his reaction...

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People Are Kind, I Know This Now.

Submitted by Bach from Hawaii

When I first got to the islands, I had very little and I soon found myself hungry. One day, I passed by a dumpster which was next to a food court and I noticed all the food that others had tossed. My stomach ached at the thought of all the food being wasted and forgetting to be ashamed, I quickly dug through the trash. Under the layers of empty containers, I discovered a small amount of food. With a...

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My 2 Year Old Grand Daughter

Submitted by Rochelle from San Bruno California

MY 2 year old grand daughter (Sophia) who is now two years a three months, started noticing trash and picking up trash when she can. I forget to bring a bag and this is so new to me, i didn't realize at such a young age how important this is to her. For i nor her parents have showed her this. But she is so respectful to our planet earth all ready. She is teaching me! Now i will...

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A Helping Hand On The Train

Submitted by Proud dad from London

Below is a text from my daughter which she sent to me. It gave me a glow of pride.

I just have to share this with you ...was just on the tube and there was an obviously mentally troubled old man on there. Lots of people were smirking (he was doing some very odd stuff) but he was clearly distressed. Anyway, I put him in my seat, gave him my water and asked if he knew where...

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