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A Family Who Didn't Have Enough Money!

Submitted by jeshua from Indian Trail North Carolina

So one day i was working at Wendy's. I saw those family ordered a full meal and they counted their money and it wasn't enough to afford their meal. So I decided to give them some of my money and extra meal. I didn't care if m manager would get mad at me. After that said "I hope you'll enjoy your meal." Then they said "I appreciate your kindness."

I felt good after that because it was...

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New York City

Submitted by Sloane from Manhattan

Today when I walked into my apartment building, my doorman looked glum, so I said "You look sad." He said, "No, I'm just tired. I really need a coffee." So instead of going to my apartment, I went to the local cafe and bought a cup of coffee, then gave it to him. He looked confused when I said it was for him. "You said you needed a cup of coffee, so I got you one," I explained. Within...

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Ice Cream!!!

Submitted by Noor Zhafarini from Malaysia

I was out with my friends to a local grocery mart after class. We bought groceries, ate good food, and spent good time together. Before we left the mart, we discovered a stall which sold ice cream and we got excited thinking that it's been so long since we last had ice cream! One of our friends decided to pay for our ice creams and we were happy and the mart was filled with our screams of excitement! Then...

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Paying Respect To U S Veterans

Submitted by Sandi from West Linn OR

Today there was a Veteran handing out flowers to customers in front of Haggen. I told him thank you for serving our country and I hope people were nice to him. I presented him with a gift card to Starbuck's . I told him to buy himself a drink on me. He stood there in shocking disbelief! He started to cry I hugged him and told him, "God Bless."

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Awesome Picture Frame

Submitted by Joyce Steele from Elmira, NY

As I prepared to leave home to care for my sister in her mighty battle against cancer in January 2015, I contacted my credit card company. The reason for calling the company was let them know I would be using my card in another state so they would not worry about theft of my card. When asked by the gentleman assisting me with my call if I was going on a fun trip, I told...

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If Tomorrow Never Comes

Submitted by Avantika from Dubai,UAE

The bright light shined along the pathway making my sight clear enough to see the hallway I went through. As my mom told so we were off to her best friend`s house for lunch, I had asked her earlier how she knew her, she didn`t answer so I went on with it. I stare at my mom she looks at me and says "she was a troublesome old neighbor asking for everything each morning the most frequent one was...

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Even Something Small Can Make Someone Day

Submitted by anonymous from Tucson, AZ

I decided to one day do something kind for someone else just because. My story is short and sweet and nothing too extravagant. I went to a fast food restaurant and ordered a soda and paid for the persons food behind me. I could see him smile and it seemed to make his day when he moved up in line. It only takes somehting small to make someone's day.

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Tag! You're It!

Submitted by Dusica from Cross, Somerset, England

Today my partner and I went to a pub for lunch, when I visited the toilet, I noticed on top of the hand dryer there was a gift of a lovely ginger & orange hand moisturiser with a label stuck to it saying Tag You're it! and explaining about this first I didn't know whether to take it or not, but I did!, it made me smile and when I showed my partner he thought it was a...

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He Reached Across The Empty Middle Seat...

Submitted by Mina from California

After many years of living in England and India, I moved to America in 2012. I struggled to settle down in America, because I couldn't drive. I missed my old home. And my sadness was compounded by the fact that my grandmother, who had brought me up was about to die in a few days. When the call about my Grandmother's death finally came, I didn't know how to deal with my grief. So my...

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Tea Hero

Submitted by Emily from London

I was ten minutes late for a film which I was seeing on my own, with my newborn baby in the middle of the day. Looking a little harangued, I arrived and the lovely cinema staff helped me up the stairs with my buggy. When I paid for my ticket, I asked whether they served tea and the server, Graham, told me that they did not. About five minutes later, installed in my cinema seat, the same server came...

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