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Submitted by Charlotte from UK

A young man came into the shop where I work in a tearing hurry to buy a birthday card for his father, but in his rush he had left his wallet at home. I said I would pay for the card and he could drop the money in the next time he was in town. He took some persuading but as the alternative was to drive back home and come into town again he accepted my offer.

The next day...

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What Goes Around

Submitted by denise from denver

One Saturday this past summer I went to the bank. As I was returning to my car I noticed a fellow approaching me on a bike. He looked a little worse for wear and I just knew he was going to ask me for money - which often makes me feel sort of ambivalent. On the one hand, I realize that I have many advantages in my life (for which I am grateful) and on the other hand, when...

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Sharing Thanksgiving Get Meal

Submitted by kb from Santa barbara

We were out for a walk before dinner, and there was a homeless couple, holding a sign up, and they wished us a happy thanksgiving as we went by. We went home to our Dinner, andkept thinking about this couple. We decided to making a platter of everything were enjoying along with a couple cans of juice and plastic ware and went back to here we had seen them. We told them we wanted to share our dinner. THEY WERE...

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To Tina In The Hospital Canteen

Submitted by Becky from North West England

(originally written for the Guardian newspaper weekend family section - 'a letter to..... the letter you always wanted to write')

Evening approached swiftly on the shortest day of the year. The hospital restaurant was nearing closing time as I heaved open the door and shoved the pushchair through. The canteen was deserted, and you were just finishing, putting chairs up on to tables. No doubt you groaned at the sight of a last-minute customer.


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Airport Angels

Submitted by Teresa Dooley - Smith from Belchertown, Ma 01007

I always notice the pattern of the floor tiles in the airport. They are a confetti style filled with happy colors. Something about it feels soft and exciting. I imagine that those who are heading off to vacations don't even notice it. I notice it. It signals the beginning and end of my visits with my sister. I'm not sure why I take such notice of the floor but I do. Maybe it's because I start each airport rotation...

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All Starts With Family.

Submitted by Aida Bolatkyzy from Kazakhstan,Kyzylorda

When I was a child, my mom always told me that, we must give things that we don't need, to people who need it. That is why in my childhood we always gave things that we don't use to poor people who need it. In general it were clothes and shoes. Sometimes, in Ayit when we cook delicious , like baursaks or meet, my mom gave majority of them to poor people. When people asked for seeds.we always gave...

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Helping Local Homeless Women And Girls As A Community!

Submitted by Holly Seibold from Vienna, VA

In January, I learned about the need for new bras and feminine hygiene products amongst homeless women, teenagers, and pre-teens. Unbeknownst to many people, these are some of the most critical items requested in shelters. Bras and feminine hygiene products are rarely donated, expensive items for a shelter to replenish, and not covered by food stamps. Insufficient access to these items often leads to unsanitary conditions and health problems.

I reached out...

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A Stranger Called Elizabeth

Submitted by Ruth from Blackburn England

Having had flu this week,I had not been shopping and supplies were dwindling so I made a while quick dash to Morrison's leaving the children in the car whilst I got milk,bread,juice and vegetables for soup,9 items in total,as I went through the 10 items or less,a lady called Elizabeth asked if she could pay for my shopping.I was taken aback and said I could pay but she insisted that she would like to do so,I gratefully agreed to...

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Taco Bell Angel

Submitted by Katie from union

Last night my fiancee and I decided we wanted taco bell for supper. He handed me one of his debit cards and knowing we had enough money on there I didn't bring my wallet or anything else with me. I got to taco bell and placed my order. When I got to the window the guy handed me our drinks and I gave him our debit card. A few seconds later he opens the window and tells me the...

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The Feet My Family Won't Touch

Submitted by Vicki Robinson from Macon, Georgia

I have degenerative bone diease that started in my back causing disc to fall apart and press on nerves causing serve pain and weakness. I had to leave my job and apply for disability. I have gone through so much not on physically but emotionally. My husband didn't believe what I going through and just wanted me to wait on him. I had got where couldn't even reach my feet. Even my grown children didn't want to touch my...

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