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A Kind Of Magic

Submitted by Shirley Macfarlane from Edinburgh

my sister was on the phone to me in tears, having to make the choice of an expensive operation for her dog, or to have it pts.

Someone overheard, and went into the vet clinic and donated £100 towards the operation.

Magic ( my sisters dog) had her operation and is now recovering well at home.

Thankyou whoever you were, your generosity was overwhelming and made us cry all over again!

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Rak At Work

Submitted by Karie from Missouri

Last week I left little gifts for all four of the managers at my work. My store manager thought it was me (I've done stuff like this before but without the tags) and after convincing her it wasn't me- I used some orange ribbon I had and she knows I hate the color orange- she and the others are trying to figure out to left them! One of the managers said regardless or who did it, stuff like that...

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Pay It Forward

Submitted by Michelle from Charlotte NC

One morning I was going through a fast food restaurant drive-thru to order a cup of coffee. There was quite a long line of cars waiting and as I was waiting my turn to pay I was getting my money ready. A surprise to me. . . I didn't have any money with me. Normally I would have just backed my car up and left. Couldn't do that because there was no way to back up. Pulling my pride...

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The Umbrella

Submitted by Ruth Ann Lake from Nice, France

I had often encountered my neighbor, an elderly man about 75 who lives below me in the apartment building where I live in southern France. He is an orthodox Jewish man and a rabbi, always dressed in a long black coat and wearing a big black hat and spouting a long gray beard. I'd sometimes hold the door open for him as he entered the building with his cane and one day I waited as he came slowly up...

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Good Karma

Submitted by Kris Balshan from Massachusettes

I have moved home to be a care giver to my mother who has MS. She unfortunately was in the hospital over the holidays the end of 2014. As her care giver I only get paid while she is at home. She was in more than a month I was having trouble with unemployment do I had no other income for that entire time from 11-24- to 01-13-2015. Although my son and I were struggling and there was really...

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Craigs List

Submitted by Kim from NY

My dishwasher had stopped working months ago. We really didn't have the money to replace it. Everyone hates to wash dishes but seeing them poling in the sink is worse. After searching to replace the dishwasher on Craigslist I found anew add for a cheap one near my house. The gentleman agreed to have my boys and I come buy and purchase it from him. Once we arrived I proceeded to pay him he asks "what would you spend...

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A Kind Act

Submitted by Kate from Lincoln, Nebraska

The day we buried my grandfather was a rough one. Family issues had come to a head, making an already sorrowful time even more sad. On the way to the funeral sitting next to my grandmother in the funeral limousine, when her voice would waiver I'd grab her hand to let her know she wasn't alone and was surrounded by loved ones still. As we drove on, emotions were high yet calm. We passed by a young man, not...

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Kind Governor

Submitted by anonymous from Utah

Many years ago I worked for a Governor in my state. With his position he could have made a big deal of this to promote himself but he never would and it is amazing. Quite often on Sundays he would ask his security to set up a hospital visit. He would tell them which one and made sure they called a head nurse and that the hospital staff was not to tell anyone and not to make a big...

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Very Kind Staff

Submitted by Sushma from UK


I was trying to renew my account with 10 gbp and it was kind of emergency to me. But for some weird reasons the account wasent getting a top up despite i used a valid cards and all attempts to credit my account failed.

I have written a letter to the organization and and explained my dire situation to them. And guess what ? they have topped up my account for free and that...

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Books, Books, And More Books

Submitted by Jaimi from Canada

I frequent my neighbourhood bookstore 2 to 3 times per month. Every time I check out, I always add a $20 gift card to my purchase. Then, I wander the store and place the gift card in a random book with the message "to you, from me. Enjoy!" I love the notion of someone picking up a book and discovering it. Sometimes I will ask the staff to recommend a book that is selling well (to try to ensure...

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