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Chemo Care Packages

Submitted by Carrie from Pennsylvania

My dear mother in law started chemotherapy today. I prepared a bag filled with comfort items for her to use during her course of treatment: chapstick, water, hard candies, lotion, comfy socks, a fleece blanket, a magazine, tissues, and some antibacterial hand wipes. I also made 2 more bags to give to 2 other patients. I posted this on Facebook and several other people are planning on donating to help me out. I think I might have also recruited...

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Monthly Random Act Of Kindess

Submitted by CupcakeKate from Victoria, Australia

I fully believe in doing a Random Act of Kindess monthly and have decided to give away a box or 2 of cupcakes every month on my cupcakekate page.

In March, I asked my likers to comment on who should receive the March RAOK and then the winning entry would be the person whose story got the most likes. In March I delivered 2 boxes of mini cupcakes unannounced to a vet surgery in Yarrambat, Victoria aa...

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Anonymously Honest Person

Submitted by Angela from PA

When we were first married, my husband and I visited friends in Pittsburgh, approximately a five-hour drive from where we lived. The friends had cats, and my husband had a severe allergic reaction, so that we had to find a motel room for the rest of the visit. When we had checked out of the motel and were about half-way home, I discovered that I had left my wallet back in our room. Since it was before cell phones,...

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Free Lunch

Submitted by James Kim from Auburn, WA

By no means did I look like I was in need of a free lunch. I drive up to the order window of a local fast food restaurant across the street from my work. Place my order and drive up to pay for my meal.... a little confused the employee at the window says that lady in front just paid for your lunch... wanted to say " HAVE A HAPPY FRIDAY"... Here's the thing, it was a total of...

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Little Things Make Big Impact

Submitted by Moraine from Greater Denver Colorado

I share this story to offer ideas on doing the "little things" to make a big impact in the lives of others. Several years ago, my then-14 year old son and some of his friends decided that they were not doing enough to help people who were homeless and living on the streets. We lived outside a smaller city of about 250,000 people in the deep South and would often see people on the streets with signs asking for...

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To Save My Favorite Dog Ever............Oxford

Submitted by Gavin R. from California

I had a dog named Ox who I loved. Sadly when we moved we had to leave him with my Uncle Mark. I was so sad for almost 2 years missing my dog. We couldn't take him because our living situation didn't allow it. Ox aka Oxford did not do so well with my uncle, not to mention he's an older dog. During Christmas break, my mom said we were going to the town we used to live in...

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A Friend In Need

Submitted by Lynn from California

In the Fall of 2012 my friend was in a terrible predicament. She is a single mother of 2 children, and was desperately searching for a rental to no avail. She was facing a move to Portland Oregon, where she had family, but did not want to uproot her children for the third time. I noticed a rental right up the street from my house and she inquired. The place was almost ideal, but she did not have the...

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Not For Ourselves, But Others

Submitted by Tom Krause from Nixa, MO

True story.

Recently, a young boy in seventh grade named Sam was assigned to run the mile during PE class. It is a task he was dreading because he was born more to be a lineman in football than a long distance runner. Just to complete four long trips around the track without stopping for him was an accomplishment. After struggling to finish his fourth lap, Sam noticed a classmate who was afraid...

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A Smile And A Thank You

Submitted by Vanessa Franco-Castillo from California

Around Christmastime, I usually get around $300 from my family and friends. One year, instead of spending it all on clothing and accessories and such, I decided to spend it for the greater good. So, a few days after Christmas, I hopped onto my bike and headed to Lucky’s with my recently received money. I bought groceries and necessities with the money I had, and once I was finished, I left and hopped back onto...

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Submitted by Sam Smith (lol, not my real name) from Canada

For a couple of years now, I buy breakfasts, lunches and dinners, afternoon coffee's even, for people, all the time. I never do it so they know who has done it and always leave the business before they find out someone has paid for them. Also in grocery stores, really anytime I think I can get away it, without the person or person's finding out who did failed once and I was caught with an uncomfortable feeling, "God...

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