One smile. One hug. One cup of coffee. One person...

Who's Your One?

Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person?
Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression?
Share your kindness story with the world.

Tell your Kindness Story

My cat Ryder

well when I was sad my cat always cheered me up because of school and tough situations

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who knows

There was a kid who smiled at a kid and the other kid smiled back, it was a very happy day.


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It will be okay

I was really sad because one of my friends was mad at me and she was the leader of our group, and one of the girls that I used to hang out with asked me if I wanted to sit by her at lunch!

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Student Random Act of Kindness

I am a second grade teacher and my students are learning economics; how to budget and save their money. We were sharing the other day what we are saving our money for and after the students shared, I shared what I am saving my money for.

They know that I have a daughter that lives in Pennsylvania and one in...

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Continuing my twins kindness...

Growing up, my twin brother always had a smile on his face and room in his heart for any & all. Sadly, my family lost him in February 2010. :-( One way I've kept our connection alive is through what I call my "Ark Week". Every February I take the week of his passing and turn it into remembering my...

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It Will Be Ok

I was walking up the stairs in the mall, when I heard screaming. I started running up the stairs to see if my mom was ok, and she was but this lady was lying on the ground, crying, and screaming. I run over and help her sit up, while my mom is calling the ambulance. I start rubbing her foot,...

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Gift Cards Changed Everything

I heard a story on Facebook about how this woman didnt have enough money for her groceries so the cashier said that someone left a gift card for who ever needed it. She was thankful, now everyone has started keeping up with the trend 2020 Aldi challenge. Give a gift card at any store to help those in need, you...

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Using your time to help other people.

I was on my way to class when the person in front of me spilled there stuff all over the floor. So i stoped what i was doing and helped that person out. Of course i got in trouble for being 10 minutes late to class.

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One afternoon I went to cut my hair at the salon and noticed a man come in that looked homeless. He asked how much was a haircut and the lady replied $18. I was sitting there wondering how long it must have took him to collect that money and if in the process he didn’t eat just to cut his...

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Opening doors

One day I was walking to school then I went in and opened the door for the next person.

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NEW 12

Paying for peoples food and snacks in lunch.

Sometimes i pay for peoples drinks and paying for snacks. I used to do it because im really nice to other people and i wanted to pay for people who dont have the money to pay for their own stuff.

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leaving friends to be a friend

One time when I was at church I was sitting with all of my friends right by the heater I was in my favorite seat with all the people I would want to sit by, when one of the other girls in my ward came in late, she had never really been friends with any of the other people in...

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Sometimes you don't have to know

Last summer I was riding my bike around are neighborhood when I say one of are older neighbors picking up branches that had been blown of her trees from the storm from the night before. when I was riding my bike past her house my bike just came to a stop. I got this feeling that I needed to go...

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NEW Thumb growing kindness

One Flower in Her Garden of Kindness

I will never forget the first time I heard about how Carol Miller was spreading kindness in the world... I was at a conference in Santa Fa and she was talking about how she gives Free Hugs downtown Chicago.... I knew in that moment that I needed to get involved.

You see, I had been offering free listening and I...

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Random acts of kindness in 2019

I would like to write about tsome acts of kindness from this year 2019 in order to inspire others.

I was waiting outside a supermarket and someone asked me to take care of her dog. I am not a dog´s person, but I accepted eventhough it was a pitbull¡¡¡ I was really nervous because the dog started chasing something and...

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I cleaned my room

Today I cleaned my room as an act kindness to not only myself but to my mother as well so she doesn't have to yell at me every morning

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Love at the Border

I had the chance to watch Hugo, Eunice and Yonathan Moya risk their own safety to take love to some hurting people across the border from the Rio Grande Valley.
Their love looked like smiles, hugs, tacos, hygeine kits and interaction that let these marginalized people know they are loved and not forgotten.
It was beautifully kind!!

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Thumb bert and jill "Awesome" app with Kindness Challenges

After my wife Jill died in 2016 from a texting-while-driving accident, I was left to navigate raising our 4 children under 10. Making sure my children grow into beautiful kind hearted adults is my greatest goal. My Children are growing up in a digital Social World and I want to help provide them with the best tools possible, but there...

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one time me and my dad were at the store and a lady had a lot of bags so we went over there and helped her at self check-out. Once we were done she returned the kindness to us by giving us hugs and buying us anything we wanted in the store

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On the first day of middle school,I was sitting down at lunch and I see this girl.She did not speak any English and did not bring any lunch,so I gave her my lunch.

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