We’re the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, though we also go by ‘RAK’. We’re a small, but mighty team making huge strides towards building a kinder world. We come to work live every day working to make kindness effortless and have selfless acts be the norm. But we’re only a few kind-hearted people and there are millions of us (you) out there. We are here to provide tools to make it fun and easy to spread kindness while creating a ginormous impact.

Want to meet the wizards behind the curtain?



Gary Dixon is president of The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (RAK) and The Foundation for a Better Life (FBL).

Gary has a master’s degree in communications from Brigham Young University and a bachelor’s in broadcasting from Texas Tech University. He serves on the National Board of Directors for the College of Mass Communications at Texas Tech University and on the Alumni Board of BYU. He lives in Denver with his wife Susan and their family.


Vice President

Brooke wants to live in a world where people choose kindness over violence, compassion over cruelty, and action over indifference. She also believes every office should offer yoga and a room full of kittens (for stress relief).

As the Vice President, she oversees pretty much everything and everybody. She’s like an overlord. It’s pretty scary. Seriously though, she sees her role as being a support to all of us and cares deeply about work culture and making sure everyone has what they need to be successful.


Director of Education

Paula joined the Random Acts of Kindness team as Director of Education in January of 2017, following many years of experience in the classroom and administration. Having served as a 6th-8th grade English/Language Arts teacher for nearly 13 years, Paula thought it was time to finally “graduate” from the classroom and assume a role in administration. Her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instructional Design led her to Colorado State University- Global Campus where she oversaw the process, and supported experts in the field, to revise and create relevant and engaging curriculum for over 30 programs.

Despite the rewarding work and development of incredible professional relationships, Paula noticed something was missing from her work that left her work feeling “unfinished.” After a bit of soul searching, Paula realized the connection to people and the ability to inspire, directly engage, and foster learning that extends beyond the classroom, is not only what makes her a great teacher, but also what drives her personally. And this is what brought her to Random Acts of Kindness. Paula brings with her a wealth of relevant experience, but more importantly she brings a sense of happiness, compassion, and a true desire to help build a kinder and more compassionate community of learners.


Community Engagement Coordinator

Rachelle wants to live in a world where everyone looks out for each other and the environment, where kindness is the norm and everyone helps out anytime they can.

As the Community Engagement Coordinator for the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, Rachelle is responsible for managing high quality content for RAKs online audience, as well as managing the RAKtivist community where members are engaged in providing encouragement and inspiration to the growing kindness movement all around the world.


You’ve had a small glimpse into our world! We’d love it if you became a bigger part of it!

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We all struggle. We all stress. But thankfully, we also all love (aww). And we’ve all had that moment when we feel like maybe what we are doing doesn’t make a difference. But we’ve discovered the loophole to that dilemma! Being good to others. Kindness really does start with one—one person, one act, one place, one city, one county, and one movement with one goal in mind: To make our world a kinder place one act at a time. And, every single one of us can play a part in this mission.

You’re still reading and you’re getting excited, aren’t you? We know, it’s pretty amazing. We’ve put together a ton of great tips (Becoming a RAKtivist, kindness ideas, calendars, curriculum, etc.) and more to keep awesome people like you inspired!


Did you know there is an entire day globally-recognized as “World Kindness Day”? It’s November 13th and it happens to be one of our favorite days each year. Big surprise, huh? But then we got to thinking: “If the world can commit one ordinary day to kindness, why not extend that commitment by 6 more?” So we did just that, and the Random Acts of Kindness Week came to fruition! Now every February, with the help of great people like you (and a good amount of caffeine) we have seven days of committing to kind acts doable, simple, and meaningful. That’s 8 full days a year that are all about kindness! Best. Eight. Days. Ever!