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We’re the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, though we also go by ‘RAK’. We believe that the world will be a significantly better place if we encourage the spread of kindness in schools, communities and homes—so we try to enable that in whatever way we can.

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We all struggle. We all stress. But, thankfully, we also all love (aww). In fact, we can’t help but love! It’s part of the human condition. You can’t have ‘humankind’ without ‘kind’, after all.

The problem is that, when we get wrapped up in our own problems, we forget to take care of others—because our brains go into self- preservation mode.

 Don’t get us wrong, taking care of yourself is super important: you can’t take care of others without also taking care of yourself. We just need to remember to look beyond ourselves, and see the need in others as well as ourselves.

 It can sometimes be hard, but it’s immediately, demonstrably worthwhile... because it only takes one kind act to powerfully affect us.

 You know the sort of acts we’re talking about. It’s the person enthusiastically praising their co-worker’s hard work, or the waiter covering a bill for struggling parents, or the window cleaner dressing up as a superhero at the Children’s Hospital.

They’re the little moments that have a big impact—and stay with you. That connect you back to your humanity, remind you how much love there is in the world, and feel so good that they inspire you to spread kindness yourself.

We know how important kindness is because we’ve all felt how important it is. But that’s not the only reason we know. Scientific studies have shown that random acts of kindness are good for you! (download Kindness Health Facts PDF) They improve your life satisfaction by increasing your sense of belonging and self- worth, and they improve your health by decreasing your anxiety, depression and blood pressure.

 And here’s the best part: these benefits apply to the giver of kindness, the recipient of kindness, and anyone who witnesses the act! Every act improves the lives of at least three people.

So, why kindness?

 Scientifically? Because it’s good for your health.
 Economically? Because it’s free.
 Practically? Because it’s easy.
 Socially? Because it improves the world.

But the real reason, of course... is that kindness is the key to lasting happiness.

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We come to work every day because we want to make the world a better place. We believe that kindness is the key to making that happen – and we work day and night (literally, we’re always online) to fulfill this mission.

We know that you’re tired of all the negativity in the news, frustrated by the politics, sad to hear about all the pain and suffering out there. Believe us, we know. But there is a huge amount of good in this world… if we’d just take the time to notice it. That’s why we exist. To remind you of that good. To show you that love is the strongest emotion in our hearts and that kindness is the antidote to all the bad stuff.

Through The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, you’ll find things to fill your soul up and help you remember that the world is actually pretty amazing. If you just need a momentary ‘pick me up’, check out our inspirational quotes section or head on over to the Kindness Ideas page. If you want to find out about incredible people, read a few of our Kindness Stories.

Are you a teacher, parent or youth leader? We have a plethora of resources including a free lesson plans for kindergarten through high school, kindness clubs, posters and project ideas.

Maybe feel like a good cry? Watch one of our videos but don’t forget to have a box of tissues handy—you’ll need them.

All this is to say that we’re here for you. We want your life to be full of joy, love and kindness. Not an easy task, but one we’re ready to take on. Join us.


Has reading about kindness made you feel good? Trust us, that’s nothing compared to how it feels to live it. Here are some ways you can join the movement, and help pass on kindness in your community.

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Has reading about kindness made you feel good? Trust us, that’s nothing compared to how it feels to live it. Here are some ways you can join the movement, and help pass on kindness in your community.

Become a RAKtivist™

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By sharing stories of your acts of kindness (or your ideas for new ones), you’ll inspire others to perform their own. This way, every act takes on a life of its own—affecting more people than you ever thought possible.

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More than 100,000 teachers are already working to transform school culture using the power of kindness. To join them, download our free, easy-to-implement K-12 resources—rooted in research, created with passion.

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