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July 3, 2017

Ziggy's Story
Hello my name is Ziggy, and I am a rescue dog from Cambridge, England. Actually, I am a beautiful Saluki.

A few months ago, my new family came and collected me from Wood Green Animal Shelter. I did my best to impress them when they came to visit me in the kennel…and it worked! My new family is made up of 3 humans - and I have worked out that my new mum is called Natacha, my new dad Mark and my wonderful brother Seby. I love them and they kindly feed me and take me on long walks every day! I am forever grateful for their kindness - you see, a life in a kennel is not a great life. And before the kennel, I was on my own, living in the streets and this was not always fun. 

Now I can discover the world with my new family, explore lots of new smells and try to catch squirrels! (although I am not supposed to do this…)

Despite all of the naughty things that I’ve done (only when I am bored!), such as eat a hat, a remote control, a model plastic toy brain, a pair of sunglasses, broken a bottle of port, chewed a knife, jumped on tables, scratched doors and chased a fly around the house, my new family still loves me! I even go to training classes with them and that is so much fun as I get wonderful treats.

Sometimes I do miss my freedom, and I have been caught escaping from the garden to bury my bone. I also scared my dad when I escaped from my harness in the park and made him run after me for an hour! He was so pleased to take me home that day!

All of these things were fun, but the best thing I have done since living in Cambridge is to be kind—not only to my owners but also to other people. When I walk past people in the street, I always greet them (just in case they have a treat!), and they smile at me and fuss. 

From my experience, it seems that dog owners are much happier people. I have noticed this when we go out for a walk, as we always have at least five people who stop to talk or stroke me. Apparently I am handsome, have a lovely curly tail, fluffy ears and I am a good boy!

My Dog’s Purpose is to be kind and make people happy! And I am loving it!

Ziggy🐾 the Saluki

(translated by Seby Wilson)


FEBRUARY 23, 2018

FEBRUARY 1, 2018
Rescue pets make the best kind!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2017
Hi, Ziggy! My name is Luna, and I am a rescue dog, too! I know we would be great friends, because we have so much in common. I love to chew things (sticks, shoes, rugs, cords...basically anything on the floor), I love treats, and I love my new family. All I want to do is please them, but sometimes it's so hard to ignore the squirrels! I have been told I am super-cute and look like a puppy, even though I am 2 years old. My Dog's Purpose is to play with humans and other dogs all day, every day! -Luna Logterman (as translated by Jill Logterman)

JULY 8, 2017
Ziggy - You are a very lucky boy to have landed on your paws ( with such great owners )! It's so lovely that you have been given the chance of a wonderful new life and you are certainly making the most of it. It's even more lovely to know your owners are teaching you to be kind and polite, and they forgive you for being naughty! Yes; it does seem that dog owners are happier people. You offer unconditional love and they give the same in return. Simple but beautiful! Enjoy your new life!

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