The Kind Blog

June 1, 2023

If you follow our calendar you know that June is the month we focus on inclusiveness. As the warm sun envelops us and the days grow longer, we are entering a season of endless possibilities. It’s a time when communities come alive and we find ourselves engaging in various activities which bring people together. What a wonderful backdrop for us to celebrate the spirit of inclusiveness. Here are some ideas to get you going!


Embrace Diversity in Summer Activities
From cultural festivals to sporting events, art exhibitions and outdoor concerts, there is something for everyone to enjoy. This month, seek out events that showcase different cultures, traditions, music, art, food, ideas and perspectives. Not only will you widen your cultural aperture, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the world around you.
Time for Connection
As the days grow longer, the evenings become the perfect backdrop for gatherings. There is so much opportunity to connect, foster new friendships, bridge gaps between people and engage in meaningful conversations. Consider hosting a BBQ or picnic for friends and neighbors. Make the effort to participate in community events and meet new people.
Volunteer and Spread Kindness
Get involved in community service projects such as beach cleanups, park restoration, local festivals, or charity events. Learn more about where you live and how you can be more involved. Invite others to join you.
Grow a Garden of Kindness
Create or participate in a community garden where people can come together to plant, tend, and harvest fruits, vegetables or flowers. Make trades with your garden buddies. Provide raised beds or vertical gardens for individuals with mobility challenges.
Take Care of YOU
Play along with us by participating in the Summer Self-Care Bingo game! After all, inclusion starts with taking care of ourselves so we can be present and available to others.


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