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Give a Hug, Get a Hug. The Power of Embrace

by Julie Ann Sullivan

June 29th is The National Hug Holiday Day. But isn't any day a great day for a hug? This particular day is geared to those who have lived a long life and now for a multitude of reasons have the need to be re-energized by this simple gesture. The Hugs for Health Foundation, Hugger's Creed is, 'We believe HUGS nurture the human spirit, promote a more positive outlook and enhance the quality of one's life.' Here are a couple ways you can assist:

·Increase the amount of hugs you give one of your elderly relatives

·Visit a senior residence and pass out hugs

Hugs are a vehicle for a great many emotions:

·The joy in giving

·Feeling surrounded by love

·The acknowledgement that you exist and are deserving


·The sacredness of empathy

For many of us a simple hug can change our outlook on a day. For some it can save our life. Giving a hug is in direct alignment with the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation whose mission epitomizes the powerful belief of kindness.

A hug is a gift to another that costs no money for the giver and is priceless for the receiver. However, there is some etiquette to this behavior.

Never give a hug to someone you don't know without asking. I once saw a lady crying in a lobby of a hotel and I asked her if she was ok and if I could do anything for her. She told me that she had just heard that her grandmother died and was waiting to be picked up. My first reaction was to give her a hug, which is almost automatic for me, but instead, I looked her straight on and said, 'I am so sorry, can I give you a hug?' In this case she said smiled and said, 'Sure.' In that moment we both felt a little better for completely different reasons.

Sometimes in life we forget how powerful a simple gesture can be like a smile or a laugh. The connection of a hug is a formidable antidote to those who feel alone. Get out there and spread some joy!

If you are interested in the anatomy of a hug; reasons, process and types, visit:

If you are in need of a hug, ask for one or you can virtually get one at:

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