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May 29, 2018

Parent/Child Time: Acts of Kindness That Can Go a Long Way
Ever heard the quote 'You are who you spend time with'? This is especially true for kids.

Young people learn a lasting set of morals and values from their families, especially from their parents. Their naturally curious nature should be fed with a lot of attention and positive interactions. Random Acts of Kindness has given some valuable advice in the past regarding how to teach your children to be more kind. But one of the biggest factors that can ensure the lessons will stick is actually quality time.

Here’s why spending quality time with your kids is so important.

It develops positive behaviors - Family time is important because it creates an opportunity for children’s behavior to either be corrected or applauded. If you’re around kids all the time, monitoring their actions won’t be difficult. Additionally, children who spend more time with their parents are more inclined to be well-rounded. The Center on Addiction reported findings from a study that adolescents who don’t spend time with their families are twice as likely to engage in illegal substances like tobacco and alcohol.

It forges stronger relationships - Quality time with children is important not just to ensure that they are behaving well, but also to cultivate a more open relationship at home. The atmosphere present when you are around your child is as important as how often you are around them. Having relaxed, positive, and uplifting encounters will encourage your child to spend more time with you, which in turn will develop your bond. Parenting NI shared the findings of several studies which indicate families who enjoy group activities together tend to share a stronger emotional bond. This is a key ingredient in building trust and openness between you and your child, as well as fostering the ability to adapt well to situations as a family.

It builds self-esteem in children - An active participation in your child's life also increases their feelings of self-worth. Spending time and engaging with your children make them feel valued by their parents and more positive about themselves. Forbes stressed that the end result of feeling like you do not matter can lead to negative outcomes, such as feelings of rejection and self-destructive behavior. If left unfixed, this issue can result in kids losing interest in interacting with their families and friends. This lesson is something that Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg emphasizes, saying, "We can start by showing children that they matter." 

It creates happy memories - Giving your children the gift of memorable moments spent with you is priceless. The lasting effects of this can be applied in so many situations. It will give them motivation and good days to look back on during trying times, and it will encourage them to build a beautiful childhood for their kids in the future as well. This doesn't just stop once your children have become adults—family time is one of the most invaluable things children at any age will surely treasure.

No matter how busy you are, it’s important that you set aside quality time with your child. Entertainment Daily followed celebrity David Beckham on a trip to Tokyo with his kids, so if someone as busy him can do it, who’s to say you can’t? It may not be as grand as the Beckhams’ Tokyo trip, but simply spending time together and being present with your children can do a world of good. Indeed, family activities don't have to be elaborate or expensive to count. The important part is just being together and enjoying each other's company.

In conclusion, spending time with your children will help you better understand who they are. It will give you the opportunity to imbibe the value of kindness and instill good deeds at a young age, as well as build them up to be a well-rounded person overall. At the end of the day, it's up to parents to help their children grow into well-adjusted individuals, and it can be easily done by spending quality time together.

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JULY 5, 2018
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