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April 22, 2014

Celebrating Earth Day with Kindness

Looking for a few ideas on how to do Random Acts of Kindness on Earth Day, April 22? Check out the list below!

  • GROCERY SHOPPING: Instead of using plastic grocery bags, bring your own bags to the store. Then continue your random acts of kindness by taking your own groceries to your car and returning the cart all the way back to the store. You might even find someone in the parking lot who would appreciate your help in loading their groceries, too!

  • TRANSPORTATION: Plan a vacation that includes riding a train instead of driving a car. Less gas will be wasted and you will have much more space than being cramped in a car. If you drive to work or run errands around town, carpool with a friend! The laughs and stories you share will lighten your perspective on life while you help the environment at the same time.

  • REUSE, RECYCLE, RENEW: Make a homemade greeting card using craft items you already have in your house. Then send your card to someone who could use a happy surprise! Or paint a design on an old shirt to wear when the weather becomes warm!

  • TOYS: Donate 'like new' stuffed animals and toys to charities or shelters for children to enjoy. Donate books, puzzles, and games to elementary schools or daycare centers for added smiles to someone's day. No need to place these treasures in the trash!

  • LINENS: Take old blankets and towels to a local animal shelter. The animals will appreciate something new to lie on and you will help the Earth with less items in the landfill!

  • ENJOY NATURE: Take a walk and enjoy the beauty around you. Pick up any litter you see and dispose of it in a trash bag upon your return. By taking time to appreciate the Earth and all it has to offer, the more we value these priceless treasures. Every little act of kindness you do to preserve our environment allows others to enjoy it as well!


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