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October 11, 2019

8 Ways to Create an Amazing Onboarding Experience Your New Hires Won't Ever Forget
Starting a new job or bringing in new employees is always exciting. You can give your new hires the best onboarding experience possible, while fostering a culture of kindness with a few thoughtful gestures to give them a welcome they won’t forget.

Assign a buddy to help them learn the ropes

Consider assigning experienced employees to buddy-up with new employees. They can act as an avenue to convey important institutional knowledge. When your new hires do have questions, they know they have a friendly face with a wealth of experience to turn to whenever needed. Providing dedicated mentors builds close relationships between new and old employees. It also gives more experienced team members the opportunity to enhance their skillset.

Give them a beautiful gift basket

On day one at their new workplace, show your new hires you are excited to have them on board with a delightful gift basket. A thoughtful selection of high-quality gifts is the perfect way to show them you appreciate they have chosen to work for your company. You could even personalise some of the items based on your new employees’ interests for an extra special touch.

Comprehensive training to build confidence

Confident employees make less mistakes and are more productive. It’s worth investing in comprehensive training during the onboarding process. Provide training for core responsibilities over the first few weeks. Check in regularly to give new employees the opportunity to raise any concerns or ask for clarification around their role. Employees themselves will appreciate the extra care which goes into making sure they have the tools they need to succeed.

Walking tour of the city

Some of your new employees may be new to the city or town where your workplace is located. To show them around and get them feeling comfortable in a new place, make time for a guided walking tour through downtown. They’ll appreciate being able to check out local spots and getting the opportunity to learn more about what makes living in your city so great!

Fun group activities

Organizing workplace group activities for new hires can help to build cohesion in a new cohort from the beginning. Cooking classes for example are a great choice. It gives your employees the chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company, while learning how to cooperate as a team. Plus, they get to sit down to a delicious meal together at the end!

Provide opportunities to meet the whole team

You want your employees to quickly feel like they are part of a team that works well together. Part of supporting that culture is making sure new hires have the chance to meet those working around them. Whether it’s Friday drinks or team coffee dates, give the space for new employees to get to know their colleagues right from the start.

Have an arts and crafts afternoon for customising workspaces

New hires will be spending a lot of time in their new workspaces. They will want to customise their desk and the space around it to make it a personal and comfortable place to work. Why not provide the time and materials to let them create something that truly reflects their personalities? This makes for a fun afternoon for new employees, and a colourful and varied office space.

Hold an onboarding graduation event

Once the onboarding process is completed, treat your new hires to an event in their honour to celebrate their arrival at your company. Make them feel special and welcomed with an event where you thank them for their hard work during onboarding. Such a special time will surely cap off an onboarding experience they will never forget!

Johanna Cider

Post by Johanna Cider
One of Johanna’s favorite movie quotes comes from Cinderella – “Have courage and be kind.” She hopes to inspire others by spreading as much kindness as she can. Visit Johanna’s personal blog, Musings of Johanna, to get to know her more.

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FEBRUARY 6, 2020
This is perfect and reminds me of - You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression. The onboarding experience needs to be knocked out of the park so they have that amazing first impression! And staying consistent within the office is a key importance also!

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