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December 1, 2016

5 Simple Classroom Activities to Celebrate World Kindness Day
World Kindness Day is Coming: November 13! Here are 5 simple activities to help you and your students host a one-day kindness celebration.


  1. Positive Sticky Notes:

    A simple, easy way to raise the spirits of friends (and strangers!)

  2. Thank You Letter:

    Who are the unsung heroes in your school? Write them an anonymous (or not) letter to show them that you appreciate them.

  3. RAK Bulletin Board:

    Where do you see kindness in your school? Create bulletin boards that provide students with opportunities to recognize and share kindness with others!

  4. RAK Calendar:

    Share this Kindness Calendar Sheet from with your students. How many students can cross all 30 kindness activities?

  5. Custodian Appreciation:

    As a class, take time to write letters and put up signs showing your appreciation for the people who take care of your school! Keep your classroom so clean that they won’t have anything to pick up.

For fun #WorldKindnessDay graphics and a peek at how people around the world celebrate kindness, follow @RAKFoundation on Instagram and Twitter.


FEBRUARY 7, 2017
I want to do the sticky note thing.

JANUARY 31, 2017
At our school we have had a lot of fun doing random acts of kindness including helping the custodian, giving little treats to teachers, and keeping the staff room clean

JANUARY 11, 2017
I love these ideas . In my high school we recently decided to perform an act of kindness every school day of December. Two of the most well received things we did were to get on every school bus as they arrived at school one morning with a goodie bag for each driver / monitor and to have cleaned and decorated the faculty room! Looking for more ideas to continue the kindness throughout the year!

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