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March 20, 2023

World Storytelling Day: How Random Acts of Kindness Can Create Lasting Change
As part of World Storytelling Day, we’d like to share a personal story of Brooke Jones, our Vice President here at the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

World Storytelling Day was established in Sweden in the early 1990s, and was adopted by other countries by 2003. It’s celebrated on the March Equinox each year (typically on or near March 20) and honors the longstanding tradition of storytelling. As part of World Storytelling Day, we’d like to share a personal story of Brooke Jones, our Vice President here at the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. We all believe deeply in the value of kindness, and our team has experienced firsthand how a little kindness can go a long way. With Brooke’s permission, we’re telling the story of the darkest times of her past and how the kindness she was shown changed her life (and inspired her to pass it on): 

Sharing the Story of Vice President Brooke Jones

When Brooke was just nine years old, she experienced a trauma that will stay with her forever. Her father shot and killed himself in the room next to hers. He was an alcoholic and abusive, and she describes feeling numb and being unable to connect with the sadness that one may be expected to have in such a situation. Through this unbelievably challenging time, Brooke recalls the kindness shown to her family and herself. Although she was terrified to return to school and be treated differently, she was embraced by her peers–an experience that she says changed, and likely saved, her life. 

Decades later, after Brooke gave birth to her daughter, she was caught up in the depths of postpartum depression (PPD). PPD is an unpredictable beast, and can occur after any pregnancy. Brooke recounts her diagnosis with PPD as another turning point in her life that was influenced by kind humans stepping up to the plate. Because she had the love and support of her spouse, friends, and medical professionals on her side, she was able to get the help she needed to thrive. You can hear her personal account through her TEDx Talk on the power of kindness. 

An Enduring Legacy 

As Brooke’s story demonstrates, kindness can change the course of one’s life. We should all strive to do what we can, no matter how small, to show others that we care. Kindness costs nothing, after all, and a simple gesture such as offering a hug can have an immediate and lasting impact. 

On this World Storytelling Day, we want to hear from you, as well. We hope you’ve had a run-in with kindness that you’ll remember forever, and we want to know more about it. Spreading kindness starts with connection, and we’d be honored to hear about the random acts of kindness that will linger with you. Please feel free to share your story in the comments below. 


MARCH 21, 2023
Thank you for sharing Brooke's story. It's heartening to hear how acts of kindness from others affected the trajectory of her life. So cool, too, that she's willing to share her story to give other's hope. She makes the world a better place with her own RAKs and encourages others to do the same! We had similar upbringings but my father is still alive at 84. He quit drinking and I don't dislike him as much as I used to. He's mellowed out quite a bit over the years. I can't imagine what it would have been like to experience what she did at 9 years old. I'm so thankful she was embraced by her community. I, too, experienced PPD and "unpredictable beast" describes it perfectly! The RAK I experienced: my sweet mother-in-law flew my brother-in-law to Texas to stay with me. His presence helped *tremendously* and I'll always remember their kindness. It truly made a difference!

MARCH 21, 2023
I truly believe that being kind to others is the path to our own happiness. Kindness, love, sense of humor, they all were part of my young life and they saved me. Without other human beings around, sharing good energy and thoughts with me, I would not be who I am. Gratitude, always!

MARCH 20, 2023
Ms. Jones, I love your words for the day. And your personal story is inspiring. I am a school counselor working very hard so that my elementary students can comprehend the power of kindness. You wrote how people were kind to you in your experiences of deep trauma. Can you share concretely what your support people did that was kind? I would like to share those examples to my students. They can grasp real live situations better than a video of some artist creating a beautiful story but the real stuff is where they are at. Thank you for your efforts

MARCH 20, 2023
Thank you for sharing your story Brooke. You continue to lift others with your dedication to sharing kindnes in this world!

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