Partnership Guidelines


The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (RAK) promotes a commitment to making kindness the norm. RAK welcomes the support and dedication of all people to promote kindness towards others. RAK encourages other organizations, businesses, and individuals to use and share all of our free online kindness resources to inspire and spread acts of kindness.

General Guidelines

Here are RAK’s general guidelines for working with others in order to protect the independence and integrity of RAK, to protect their identities, logos, and trademarks, and to assure that both organizations act within the laws and norms that apply to all nonprofit charities.

  1. RAK’s strategic partnerships typically focus on moving our mission forward through partnerships supporting the use of our kindness resources in schools, workplaces, homes, and neighborhoods.
  2. RAK typically does not endorse or promote any other organization. This is especially important when the other organization is a commercial or for-profit enterprise.
    1. It is acceptable to work or cooperate with other organizations in order to better accomplish the purposes and goals of the foundation. However, RAK avoids associational terminology such as “joining” or “partnering” with third parties or conducting any “joint” programs or activities.
    2. It is also acceptable to compliment the programs and activities of others or to encourage others to participate in the programs and activities of others that are designed and intended to promote kindness and good values. This includes the programs and activities of businesses and other for-profit enterprises, provided that such programs or activities are designed expressly and exclusively to promote kindness or good values, and that RAK does not promote any commercial or business interests or enterprises as such or encourages others to buy their goods or services.
  3. RAK can never “co-brand” with any other organization or individual. No RAK publications, PSAs, billboards, posters, websites, handouts, or other materials of any kind should incorporate the name or logo of any other third party alongside the RAK name.
    1. RAK’s name, logos, and trademarks should never be used by any third party as an endorsement or promotion of that third party or to encourage goodwill toward that third party.
    2. RAK may identify third parties who are also engaged in programs of kindness and good values but not in a way that implies that they are co-producers or presenters of RAK programs or materials.
    3. RAK may publicly thank third parties for material or program support provided. However, RAK cannot accept any monetary donations from any third party.
    4. RAK may not promote or endorse a business or commercial enterprises, or any of its products or services, and may not provide encouragement or incentives to the public to patronize the business or commercial enterprise.
  4. RAK will avoid working with any third party that has a religious or political identity, orientation or agenda, which could compromise, or appear to compromise, the commitment of RAK to being completely nonpartisan and nonsectarian.

Updated 08/2019

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