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February 7, 2023

7 Fun and Unique Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness at School
Random Acts of Kindness week is less than a week away. Here are 7 fun and unique ways for students and teachers to spread kindness in their schools and communities.

  1. Start a Kindness Club - every school could use a little more kindness! A great way to spread the joy of kindness is to start your own Random Acts of Kindness club.
  2. Make positive bookmarks and hide in books at your school library - A simple reminder to be kind is sometimes all it takes to incite a kind act. Be creative with it! Cut cardstock into strips and decorate to your heart’s content with drawings, designs or your favorite quote.
  3. Start a Third Party Compliments box - Third-party praise is a powerful tool for making people feel energized, engaged and appreciated. Check out this amazing video to see how easy it is.
  4. Print our new kindness poster with 25 ideas. How many of these do you do without even realizing the impact you’re having?
  5. Organize a letter writing campaign for seniors in your community. Call a nursing home and ask how many residents they have.Gather a group of students to design greeting cards for each one of them.
  6. Handwrite three notes and put them out into the world for a friend, family member or complete stranger. Visit Care for Three for template ideas and inspiration.
  7. Download the RAK school calendar for daily ideas and inspiration. Keep kindness going every day for everyone!

-Rachelle Stubby

We’d love to help you explore what kindness in the classroom looks like to you. Contact us @ with feedback and suggestions.

The benefits of kindness are amazing and available to everyone.

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