Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week, Feb 9-15

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#RAKWeek2015: Let’s Flood Social Media with Kindness

Psst...the best week of the year is here! #RAKWeek2015

Random Acts of Kindness Week (RAK Week) is Feb 9-15 and we need your help making this the kindest week yet! This year, we are asking everyone to flood social media with kindness and collectively record 100,000 acts of kindness using the hashtag #RAKWeek2015. 


Get Involved:

  1. DO an act of kindness. Think of the motto: do what you can…with what you have…where you are. Simply think through your daily routine and find one opportunity for kindness each day. Maybe it’s complimenting the first three people you talk to, or surprising coworkers with treats! Need ideas? Check out our list below.
  2. POST your act of kindness on social media using #RAKWeek2015 – By posting you inspire others to get involved. Help flood social media with kindness and reach the goal of 100,000 acts of kindness documented worldwide by Feb 15!
  3. SHARE the message and inspire friends and family to get involved as well. Post this photo on your own social media.


Need Ideas? 10 RAK Week Ideas that fit into what you already do

  1. Wake up: surprise a friend with a positive text/phone call/email.
  2. Eat food: take time to enjoy your meal. Maybe make extra and share with a neighbor or someone who is hungry.
  3. Go somewhere: before you leave, write uplifting messages on sticky notes. Then, wherever you go, place those sticky notes around the area.
  4. Talk with someone you don't know: genuinely compliment them.
  5. Talk with someone you know: after you talk, sit down and write that person a hand-written thank you note for being so awesome.
  6. Be outside: spend 10 minutes picking up litter or just take a moment to really enjoy the outdoors.
  7. Use technology: write a positive comment on social media, text a kind note to a friend or email a message of appreciation to a coworker or someone you always meant to thank and never did.
  8. Go to the grocery store: place unused coupons next to relevant products or offer to take shopping carts back for people.
  9. Interact with someone in customer service: have an awesome experience with a restaurant server or store employee? Let the manager know! Write a letter or tell them in person.
  10. Go to bed: write a list of 5 things you are thankful for before going to sleep.


Need EVEN MORE ideas?

See our Kindness Ideas page!


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