You have the potential to change the world.

We can tell you’re someone who wants to seize that potential. You’re a RAKtivist® you just didn’t know it... until now.

 RAKtivists are the heroes of our organization. They live and breathe kindness, share knowledge and lead by example. You can tell where they’ve been because they leave a trail of warm-and-fuzzy feelings in their wake.

‘RAKtivist’ is short for ‘Random Acts of Kindness activist’. Think of RAKtivists like kindness ambassadors—and, like all ambassadors, they’re a part of an active, global community.

Current RAKtivists®
14-89 Year Old Members
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RAKtivists are everywhere. The student who stops to hold the door open for a teacher with her hands full? That person is a RAKtivist. The commuter who offers their bus seat to an elderly passenger? That person is a RAKtivist too. The parking attendant who leaves a note on someone’s car, complimenting their parking skills? You guessed it: RAKtivist.

 Anyone who believes kindness can change the world, who reminds everyone around them how much love there is in the world, who inspires hope and generosity with their actions as much as their words—they’re a RAKtivist.

And this is where RAKtivists come together to change the world.

Get Your Kindness On with Monthly Kindness Missions

When it comes to Kindness Missions, our policy is 'more more, the merrier'. Each month we send out a special kindness challenge to our RAKtivists that benefits a worthy cause or individual.

Join our Global Community of Kindness

The internet can be a bit of a cynical place sometimes—but not in our neck of the woods. Our private RAKtivist Facebook group is an awesome place to meet new, kind-minded people and share ideas.

Make Your Mark in the Kindness Movement

Kindness is its own reward—but sometimes it feels great to get some recognition for your work, right? By sharing your photos, kindness ideas, and stories with us, you’ll see them featured on our site and social media! If you’re more of an introvert, you can enjoy the benefits of reading inspiring stories, watching the group grow and occasionally quietly crying when one of those beautiful (but sad) videos pops up in your feed.

No matter how you engage, you’re making the world a better place.

Be a world-changer. Apply to become a RAKtivist® today!

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RAKtivists® from Around the World

Below are the avatars of a few of our 27,411 RAKtivists. Refresh the page to see others.

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