Kindness at Work Assessment

Your journey toward a kinder workplace starts here.

Are you ready to improve kindness at your workplace?

To get started take our Kindness in the Workplace assessment below. (You will need to log into your account or sign up if you don't have one yet.) For each question or statement, you simply decide if it resonates with you, if you feel neutral about it, or if it does not resonate with you. The key is to consider the question or statement as it might resonate (or not) with you at work. Sometimes we operate differently at work than we do at home, and this assessment is for your workplace persona. If a question doesn't seem to apply to your situation, just go with your gut or mark it neutral.

After you finish the assessment, your results will reveal which of the six kindness concepts seems to resonate the most with your workplace self. When you learn which concept is your strongest, you will get a one-page resource that talks more about that concept, and you’ll have an opportunity to download the kindness concept toolkit that goes with your concept.

This toolkit has some practical suggestions and resources that will help you bring out this concept more strongly in your workplace. The goal is for you to be more aware of your workplace kindness superpower so you can use it to foster an even stronger culture of kindness at work. You might also notice which of the kindness concepts resonated with you less strongly and choose to explore those toolkits as well. While you might be naturally more inclined to one kindness concept over another, there isn't any reason why you can't work on embodying them all!

Are you ready to get started? Your journey toward a kinder workplace starts here.

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