Try Our New Workplace Kindness Challenge!

This is a fun and engaging challenge to use in your workplace to encourage a kinder, more compassionate environment.

When someone completes all of the 50 kindness items on the sheet, celebrate! Consider offering an incentive like a gift card, a vacation day, tickets to an event or whatever is appropriate for your organization.

Download the challenge and encourage your team to join in.

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If you’re interested in working with us to create a customized challenge for your organization, email us at


7 Steps to Creating
Kindness in the Workplace

The origin of the word culture comes directly from the Latin word cultura which means to grow or cultivate. Culture is key to a company’s success or failure. Creating a workplace where people feel connected, have a sense of purpose, and are appreciated and recognized for their contributions makes for a stronger, more successful organization.

This Kindness in the Workplace action planning guide includes seven key ingredients that make for a positive and kind culture where people want to show up and do their best:

  1. Setting a Tone
  2. Modeling Behavior
  3. Creating a Safe and Supportive Environment
  4. Strengths, Mistakes and Growth Mindset
  5. Trust, Boundaries and Belonging
  6. Communication and Collaboration
  7. Celebration

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Take the Kindness in the Workplace Pledge

What would it feel like to work in a place where kindness is the norm? You don’t have to wonder. You can make it a reality. Start by taking the Kindness in the Workplace Pledge!

The Kindness Pledge:

Our company pledges to make kindness the norm by:

  1. Creating an environment where all employees feel respected, cared for, and included.
  2. Offering a safe place for everyone to feel courageous; where they are valued and have a sense of purpose.
  3. Infusing our values with kindness, creating a place where our bottom line is about our most valuable asset—our employees and customers.
  4. Showing integrity and responsibility in everything we do.

By taking this pledge, we will make it known to all employees and customers that we are committed to making kindness the norm at our company. We will celebrate that by proudly displaying the Kindness in the Workplace window cling at the main entrance.

Download Pledge & Employee Letter

Did you take the pledge?

Thank you! Fill out the form below and we'll send you a window cling to display at your business.

NOTE: Due to costs, we only send clings to organizations in the United States. For non-US organizations, please download and print this PDF to display.
NOTE: Due to mailing costs, we only send clings to organizations in the United States. For non-US organizations, please download and print this PDF to display.
FREE Kindness at Work Resources


Kindness at Work Poster

A poster showing various ways you can be kind while at work. Hang this in the break room to inspire your team!

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Kindness Award Certificate

Recognize your teammates for their kindness by presenting them with a Kindness Award Certificate.

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Tag! You're It! Cards

Start a fun game of Kindness Tag in your office where you do anonymous acts of kindness for your teammates.

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Imagine a world where we can succeed by being nice...

Where we all look out for each other...

Where we all pay it forward...

And where kindness is the norm.

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