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October 24, 2017

Bullying Prevention Month Isn't Our Favorite
October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Don't get us wrong, we love what that stands for, but we're not crazy about the name.

Why? Because we would rather emphasize more of what we WANT, rather than what we DON'T WANT.

We want more kindness. We don't want bullying. Let's emphasize kindness and declare October: #PracticeKindnessMonth.

Whether you're at school, work, home or in the community, Here are 5 FREE things you can do this month to Practice Kindness.

Your challenge? Complete just one of these activities:

1. Look for the positive. Rather than calling out the negative actions of others, compliment the positive actions. Ex: Share a great customer service experience. Throw a "little victories" party to celebrate your child or spouse's successes. Thank an especially helpful coworker.

2. Start your week with digital kindness. Dedicate your Mondays to positive technology. Ex: Only post positively on social media. Send an appreciative text message. Make a supportive phone call.

3. Follow kindness-centered organizations. Add more optimistic news and ideas to your life by following positive organizations. It's easier to promote kindness when you're surrounded by it. Some of our favorites? SoulPancakePassiton.comDo Something.

4. Support a cause: What is one positive cause that you're really passionate about? Find a local organization to support! Not sure where to start? Visit our friends at or spend 5 minutes on or try that one site called Google, and type in a cause you're passionate about and your city and see what comes up.

5. Use your talents: Name one thing you do well. Are you a wordsmith? Crafting maven? Athletic superstar? Take what you do well and then add kindness. Ex: Wordsmith? Write a story of kindness about a family member. Crafter? Create a kindness-centered DIY. Athlete? Start a kindness running club where you pick up litter while you go!


MARCH 6, 2018

MARCH 2, 2018
no more BULLYING

FEBRUARY 22, 2018
I feel this way about any awareness month, unfortunately. The concepts tend to get romanticized by the media as “oh, look at these poor creatures” instead of shining light on the fact that we’re all human. We don’t know each other’s journeys.

DECEMBER 2, 2017
Great reminders

NOVEMBER 30, 2017

NOVEMBER 21, 2017
I aggre

NOVEMBER 3, 2017
Agreed. It is by showing act of kindness that people learn. It is the same concept of doing an ant-war protest rather than a peace event. Let's be positive!

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