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Thank you for celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week &
Random Acts of Kindness Day® with us!
Random Acts of Kindness Week: February 16-22, 2020
Random Acts of Kindness Day®: February 17, 2020

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  Sunday, February


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NEW Kindness at Home Resource

We've designed a fun new activity to help make kindness the norm at home & in your neighborhood.

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  Tuesday, February


Kindness at School

Teach kindness to your kids! Download our new Kindness in the Classroom® lesson plans!

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  Wednesday, February


Kindness at Work

Download our free calendar designed to bring kindness, compassion, and self-care to the workplace.

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  Thursday, February


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  Friday, February


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  Saturday, February



Self-care is an important part of being a kind person. So do an act of kindness for yourself today. Click below for some self-care ideas.

Kindness Ideas

Keep Going!

Even though RAK Week is over, you don't have to stop being kind! Commit to doing one small act of kindness each day! You can help make kindness the norm!

See all of our RAK Week kindness resources below and share them everyone you know!
2020 participant guide
Download the 2020 RAK Week Participant Toolkit

Whether you are a teacher, parent, business owner (or even a Mayor of a city), our 2020 RAK Week Participant Toolkit will give you all the details on how you can help make kindness the norm in your school, home, workplace—or entire city!

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Kindness at School

Don't just expect kindness from your kids—teach them! We have taken our CASEL approved, highly effective, evidence-based Kindness in the Classroom® social emotional learning curriculum and made it better. By including a focus on equity, teacher self-care, and digital citizenship, we are excited to share a more engaging, relatable, and inclusive curriculum.

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Free Training Materials

See our other resources for schools below...

Lesson plans
February calendar
2020 Kindness Calendars

An act of kindness each day.

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Coloring pages
Kindness Coloring Pages

Take a brain break.

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50 ways poster
50 Ways to Be Kind Poster

Inspiration for your classroom.

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Kindness Bookmarks

A kind way to keep your place.

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Recognition Certificates

A little recognition goes a long way.

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Kindness Bingo

Challenge your friends.

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Kindness at Work

Transform your workplace with our FREE 12 month kindness calendar. The calendar features monthly themes structured to create a kinder work culture. Each month offers daily ideas for individuals to complete in a few minutes or less. On top of the daily ideas, there is a team-based idea that can be used to celebrate kindness each month as a team!

Download 2021 Calendar

See our other resources for the workplace below...

Workplace calendar 2021
Workplace poster
Kindness at Work Poster

A poster showing various ways you can be kind while at work. Hang this in the break room to inspire your team!

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Workplace certificate
Kindness Award Certificate

Recognize your teammates for their kindnesss by presenting them with a Kindness Award Certificate.

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Workplace tag cards
Tag! You're It! Cards

Start a fun game of Kindness Tag in your office where you do anonymous acts of kindness for your teammates.

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We've designed a fun kindness challenge to help make kindness the norm™ at home & in your neighborhood. Your challenge (if you choose to accept it) is to complete a series of kindness activities to fill in 60 'hearts'. Each act of kindness is worth one, two or three 'hearts' based on how challenging they are: one-heart activities are quick and easy, two-heart activities are more involved, and three-heart activities are challenging & will take more time.

Booklet 0
Booklet 1
Booklet 2
Booklet 3
Booklet 4
Booklet 5
Booklet 6
Booklet 7

There's a good mix of activities: various random acts of kindness meant to be done in your home & neighborhood, writing prompts, self-care activities and fun coloring pages too. You choose which activities to do and when to do them—so no pressure. Just do the ones that sound fun to you.

Can you complete the challenge & fill in all 60 hearts?

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You can also download a paginated PDF so you can make your own booklets at home. Click here for details.

Imagine a world where we can succeed by being nice...

Where we all look out for each other...

Where we all pay it forward...

And where kindness is the norm.

Make kindness the norm tm