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April 6, 2023

Celebrate Earth Day with Kindness
Kindness isn’t just an act that we extend to other fellow humans on this planet, but a behavior we can extend toward mother nature, as well. This Earth Day, tune in to all of the things in nature you are grateful for and celebrate by taking positive action. Here are five simple ways to show kindness to our shared home on Earth Day 2023. 

Join Your Local Buy Nothing Project 

The Buy Nothing Project is a global gift economy movement that encourages people to give, receive, and share items with their neighbors. There are now over 6,500 Buy Nothing groups in 44 countries.

There are many benefits to participating in the Buy Nothing Project, which include:

  • Reduced consumption and waste. When you give and receive items in your Buy Nothing group, you're not buying new things, which helps reduce consumption and waste.

  • Save money. Not buying new things also saves you money, which can be a big benefit if you're on a budget.

  • Fewer possessions. As you give items away, you'll naturally have fewer possessions. This can lead to a more minimalist lifestyle, which can be freeing and liberating.

  • Stronger community ties. Participating in the Buy Nothing Project is a great way to connect with your neighbors. You'll get to know the people who live around you, and you'll build a sense of community.

  • Feel-good factor. There's something really satisfying about giving and receiving gifts. It feels good to help others, and it feels good to get something you need for free.

If you're looking for a way to reduce your consumption, save money, connect with your neighbors, and feel good, then the Buy Nothing Project is definitely worth checking out.

Organize a Community Clean Up

Plenty of organizations offer ways to spruce up the spaces their communities live, work, and play within. Find a group near you conducting a trash, recycle, or composting event on April 22nd. If you can’t find a local one, host your own! Grab a group of friends and take a walk, trash bag in hand, to pick up every last piece of litter you can find. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be kind to the Earth. 

Shop a Local Market

We know that shopping locally is great for your town’s economy, but it’s also incredibly good for the earth. Shipping goods takes a ton of fuel, crowds the roads, pollutes the air, and can often have disastrous effects for the ocean. Buying from local farmers, ranchers, and makers minimizes all of the costs associated with agriculture. Find a local honey supplier, a local dairy, and a local farm so you can support these crucial businesses while investing your hard earned dollars into long-term acts of kindness toward the planet. 

Learn About Composting

Food waste is one of the biggest sources of landfill mass in the U.S., so composting is a great way to reduce your own footprint. Spend a few hours on Earth Day learning about how to compost, the benefits, and the long-term goals associated with this green practice. If you have the time, draw up a system for your own food composting or find a center near you to drop compost waste on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Meal Prep

Many resources - water, soil, labor, fuel, and more - go into the production of fruits, vegetables, meats, and more. When we waste food, we aren’t just throwing away that food item, but the thousands of pounds of resources that went with it to get it to your refrigerator. On Earth Day this year, plan out your meals for the coming week. Source the ingredients locally and buy only what you need. 

Earth Day highlights all of the areas in which we can improve the shared place we call home. While climate change, natural disasters, pollution, and consumption can make positive change feel like an uphill battle, we can’t stop moving forward together, with acts of kindness and hope. We are given one planet and one life to live on that planet. Let’s do so kindly, together.

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AUGUST 24, 2023
This article is so on point and I would like to employ the Buy Nothing project technique to the holidays coming up.

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