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Run Errands in Clusters
Instead of running errands as they come to mind, save time and reduce fuel costs by doing them in a group

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Send an Encouraging Email
A sweet and simple way to boost someone’s spirits is by sending good vibes to someone’s inbox.

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Find Out Something New About a Coworker
When you see someone almost every day, it can be easy to get caught in the motions of familiar conversation. Make an effort to learn something new about a coworker.

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Join An Online Forum
If it’s a topic you genuinely enjoy or are passionate about, share your knowledge: start discussions and answer questions for others.

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Plant A Tree
Make a difference in your environment and life!

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Help Out in the Kitchen
Whether it’s meal prep, setting the table or doing the dishes, there are a bunch of different ways you can help in the kitchen.

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Memories can re-create special moments.

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Water Your Plants
Think of your plants like you do your pets - they need nutrients to survive!

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Gift an Inspirational Book
Have you ever read a book that changed the way you see the world? Give someone you care about the inspiration to see things differently.

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Start Learning A New Skill
No better time than the present: learn something new that you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t.

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Use Cruise Control
It improves your mileage by at least 15% and reduces your car’s emissions!

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Foster A Pet Up For Adoption
If you’re not prepared to make the leap of adopting a pet, give fostering a try! There are so many animals waiting to be placed, and your kindness can help a lot with their transition.

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Start a Community Garden
Learn more about your neighbors and having a green thumb by sharing vegetables, herbs and the beauty of a garden with those around you!

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Drink More Water
When you’re healthy and energetic, it is much easier to be kind.

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Have a Vegetarian Day
Don’t feel the need to give up meat for life, but do your part by having one meat-free day a week

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Eat Local
Eating locally can be a kind way of impacting local farmers and business!

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Cheer On A Teammate
Cheering on a fellow teammate can have a bigger impact than you might expect...

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Create Bookmarks
You could give them to the library, place them in books or hand them to readers

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Send A Postcard
Getting a heartfelt note will surely make someone’s day - who doesn’t love snail mail?

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Conserve Energy
Be kind to our planet by being conscious about the amount of energy you are consuming.

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Hold A Teddy Bear Drive
Then donate the bears to hospitals, police stations or fire departments for children in need

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Respect Wildlife
When you are out in nature, you are imposing on the natural habitat of many species. Be sure to be respectful of all the wild animals you see by observing at a distance, not feeding them, and leaving no trace.

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Tutor Someone
Helping someone learn can be beneficial to both teacher and student!

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Make A Scrapbook
Create a home for your memories - then gift it to someone or keep it for yourself

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Be Spontaneous!
Sometimes, random acts of kindness just come to you in the moment!

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Clean Your Room
A great way to show yourself kindness is by cleaning your personal space!

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Reply To A Post You Enjoy
We all get in the habit of breezing past content on social media, though it’s actually worth the effort of making the Internet a positive and constructive place.

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Give A Gift Card
A generous and personalized way of showing kindness is by giving gift cards...

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Buy / Borrow Second-Hand
Hand-me-downs are the way to go! This will save you some money and reduce the packaging materials used to sell something

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Cook A Meal
Show someone you care about kindness from the kitchen!

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Adopt, Don't Shop
If you are considering bringing a new pet into your home, there are countless animals waiting for a family to love them.

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Run / Walk A 5K For A Cause
It’s such a great feeling to combine doing something good for yourself and others - help out a charity in need through exercise.

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Complain Less
Being positive in a negative situation makes you a leader

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Map Out Your Family Tree
Be creative with it! Bring your relatives closer and help them understand a lineage to be proud of

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Pick Up Trash Around Town
Garbage isn’t meant for the streets, do your part for your city and community by picking up pieces of trash every now and again.

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Laugh Often
Start telling jokes, watching cat videos on YouTube, or whatever makes you laugh!