Kindness Ideas

Write positive messages on sticky notes and leave for others to find.


FEBRUARY 5, 2024
Que buena idea para endulzar el día :)

DECEMBER 11, 2023
I do this quite often! My Team loves it. One twist that I do is that I don’t sign my name at the bottom of the positive message on the post-it note. I sign that the message is coming from my entire department. I work in the Front Office at a Marriott Hotel, so I sign the note: -Your Friends from the Rooms Team :)

NOVEMBER 4, 2023
Great way to brighten someones day :)

SEPTEMBER 21, 2023
I've done this one at school with my friends! We stuck sticky notes on others' lockers that said positive messages on them.

JUNE 27, 2023
I will definitely try this :)

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