Kindness Ideas

Write positive messages on sticky notes and leave for others to find.


APRIL 11, 2024
I have done this for my grandson, when I have packed his lunch. I wrote "Love You".

MARCH 2, 2024
I do this for my mom and my friends sometimes! Most of the times is just silly things, but it makes me smile.

FEBRUARY 5, 2024
Que buena idea para endulzar el día :)

DECEMBER 11, 2023
I do this quite often! My Team loves it. One twist that I do is that I don’t sign my name at the bottom of the positive message on the post-it note. I sign that the message is coming from my entire department. I work in the Front Office at a Marriott Hotel, so I sign the note: -Your Friends from the Rooms Team :)

NOVEMBER 4, 2023
Great way to brighten someones day :)

SEPTEMBER 21, 2023
I've done this one at school with my friends! We stuck sticky notes on others' lockers that said positive messages on them.

JUNE 27, 2023
I will definitely try this :)

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