Kindness Starts With One®

One smile. One hug. One cup of coffee. One person...

Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person? Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression? Share your kindness story with the world.

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The kindness

One day a man was walking on the road his name was John he was angry on his friend raju because Raju will always tease John so he was angry on Raju. After couple of days Johns another friend Ram .thought let me go to John's house. Ramwas a kind
man and intelligent man. Ram Went to his friend johns...

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Getting Egged

At Easter time this year we had all been stuck inside for about a month because of Covid and it was getting a little tough for my daughter. She couldn’t see her friends , go to school or all the other things 9 year olds love. She decided to get busy with crafts. The next thing I knew she had...

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Sharing stationery

I gave a younger child a pencil to do his work, as he didn't have one.

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My parents told me to be kind

When I was little my parents told me to be kind no matter what mood I was in. I do small but kind things for them like refilling their water bottle and turning off the light when they are going to bed.

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The power of kindess

The following was written by a student of mine in our Acts of Kindness Blog.

When I was young I came to a kid who wanted to make friends with me for some reason I said ok. We played around the whole lunch and I felt warm. At that time I didn’t know that kindness makes people happy and live...

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Great things come in threes.

The following was written by a middle school student in my class as part of a Acts of Kindness Blog task:

"The act of kindness I did might not have been much, but I created happiness in three different people. Three weeks ago, we had nearly run out of supplies at home, and we needed to go shopping. As we...

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Tony - A Recipient of Random Acts of Kindness

I have been the recipient of 4 random acts of kindness. Here is each story

1) I had had lunch in Burger King and after I had eaten, I went to my car in the parking lot and discovered I had a flat tire. A guy who was in his car saw that I had a flat tire and he...

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The lady and the cat

A older woman was walking the cobble streets in Italy one morning, when she stumbled across a hairless cat in a box down a ally. The woman had something in common with the cat because she was hairless from an old sickness. The day was cold, and grey the little cat was shivering in his loose skin. the old woman...

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A journey of kindness

This happened when my uncle was working at a remote location away from home. One fine day when he was at his academy, he encountered a student who was lying cooped up in one of the rooms around mid-noon. Now, this student lived quite far from the academy(enough to account for multiple hours of train journey). My uncle did not...

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Spreading virtual smiles

Prepared virtual Thank you cards to cheer up the soldiers protecting our borders last weekend. It was a great experience writing these notes to complete strangers who we as a nation are indebted to and admiring them for all that they do. Just added a few tidbits like "You are amazing!" or "We are proud of you!" at the end...

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Kindness is healing

The best act of kindness I personally experienced, was when I was inspired by one small boy.

I am an artist by trade, and life... Inspired by a young boy, in remission from a rare brain tumor who's home I worked in for a few weeks painting murals for the family.
Upon leaving that job, I wanted to do something...

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My friend can't do his alphabet

My friend can't write out the alphabet properly and while everyone else is laughing at him I helped him learn. (everyone was laughing because he is a stable 14 year old male in year 8)

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helping people out

i filled up a kids drink bottle.

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Tea at 11pm

It was raining for the last two three days and winds were blowing heavily. light shudders too. the security staff who are guarding the housing complex were on their duty as usual without any hesitation. it was really pity to watch them when they were doing their rounds in the huge housing complex inspire of heavy rain and wind. They...

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Helping Our Community One Book At A Time

For a summer project, we wanted to help others in our community and created a contact-free book drive. A door to door service collection for the PBC Homeless Coalition and Florida’s Literacy Coalition. After our first collection, we received 200 donations! We want to spread positivity and inspiration to other high school students to make a difference in their community!

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Being vegetarian

Being vegetarian is being kindness with animals and with the Mother nature ho made all the animals on this world.

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One day I was on a bus with my friend, halfway through the bus trip we saw a girl around 17 crying
I went and sat next to her and asked her if she was ok, and she said she was just having a rough week. I reached into my bag and found some chocolate which I gave to her....

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Helping the guy next door set up for a fancy party.

I was riding down the driveway towards the hall when I saw this guy come out of a huge Christmas tree swearing at the mother that powers the lights and it was lucky that I had some oil with me because If I didn't give him the oil we would have never seen santa.

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I upvoted a reddit post and said it was amazing

So I was browsing Reddit and a post came up of a cute dog I liked the image so I gave it an upvote and said that I hoped he had a good day.

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Joy for Mom

My daughter is a disabled Veteran and is on a fixed income. She rarely has money to provide for she and her daughter who is psychologically disabled. When Mother's Day rolled around this year she did not have money to even send me a card, but she called and sent her love. A week later my sister died of COVID-19....

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