One smile. One hug. One cup of coffee. One person...

Who's Your One?

Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person?
Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression?
Share your kindness story with the world.

Tell your Kindness Story

Slow Runner

Submitted by Kristen Nozaki

Last year, I was continuing to run with a group of Employee Services colleagues to train for some upcoming races, but I found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the group as my pregnancy was progressing. I was a little embarrassed about it, but Ken Johnson and Jaime Sanchez always run a little bit slower to make sure that...

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One Little Dog

It all started with the SPCA commercials. Those dogs just broke my heart and I just wanted to save them all. I had known since I was little that I wanted to work with animals, so I started talking to my mom about volunteering at the Spokane Humane Society. Then Ranger wagged his way into my life. He was an...

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Surprise

Submitted by Nicholas Patterson

This was no ordinary day. Heaven's no. It was a day that held very special meaning in the heart of Sherry Jackson, Sprint Center's Executive Office Manager. January 24th is National Peanut Butter Day.  On this day, Sherry had tasked me with a standard photo shoot of our newest employees. Their photos would be used in the staff directory, so...

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'Tis the Season

Submitted by Ron Anderson

During Christmas week 2015, Earl Kiper, Maintenance Engineering Manager at KFC Yum Center, showed his undeniable Act(s) of Kindness to all of the engineering team. Earl was kind enough to give all six of his team members a Christmas Card with a fifty dollar bill inside. Christmas week the following year (2016), Earl gave his engineering team a Christmas Card...

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Office Buddy For The Win!

Submitted by Natalie Matsumoto

I tend to work through lunch (bad habit) in my office and if it is a busy week, I forget to bring lunch and end up eating Cheetos from our vending machine (another bad habit). On a particular day last month, I had looked up from my desk to find it was 3 pm and I still hadn't made time...

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Passport Found

Submitted by Shaynee Gordy

A few years ago at Desert Trip, one of my staff members brought in a small pile of papers and a Chinese passport to the office. He said that a security guard found it on the ground by a trash can and looked like it was important. I started going through the papers and it was a flight stub from...

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Appendix Trouble

After my surgery due to appendicitis, I wasn't allowed to go to my trampoline practice until a doctor said it was okay. I was sad that I couldn't go to practice and I couldn't even sleep in my own bed because my mom was scared I would fall off of the ladder to go up; I have bunk beds and...

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Emergency Wedding Officiant

Submitted by Michael Sullivan

With was less than two weeks until my wedding, my dad was in the hospital for emergency heart surgery. It was obviously a traumatic experience and the longest day of my life. Thankfully everything went well and the surgery was a success. Still, the wedding plans that my fiancée and I had made were thrown off course. We had planned...

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Helping Hands

Submitted by David Jones

While my wife was away on vacation,  I had planned to install new cabinets in our garage as a surprise. The task proved to be far more challenging than I expected. Just as I was about to throw in the towel, a co-worker pulled into my driveway. He was just "in the neighborhood" and stopped by to say hi. With...

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Leading With Kindness

Submitted by Erandy Soto

In January 2018 my grandfather passed away. I received a phone call from my father 30 minutes into my shift and then notified my supervisor, Sergeant Christian Acosta, from LA Live Security. I told him the news I had just received and he immediately found someone to relieve me, letting me go home. I appreciated his urgency, but what was...

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Healing in Laughter

Submitted by Brandon Linton

I was recently diagnosed with colon cancer over a holiday break. I spent nearly two weeks in the hospital and am currently undergoing chemotherapy sessions and waiting for the next steps. MANY AEG employees have reached out with great kindness. However, John Moore at The Bowery Presents has been relentless in his kindness. John checks in on me at least...

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Every Day Kindness

About 7 years ago, my mom broke her hip and had to go to a skilled nursing facility. I visit the facility every day to take care of her after work. Eventually, this time developed into caring for more than just my mom. I now make it a daily act of love and kindness to stop by each room on...

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Unemployed No More

I have a friend who has been out of a job since July. I heard about a job posting and encouraged her to apply for it. Last week she found out she was selected for the position! The grateful message she sent to me was so uplifting. It was a good feeling to help a friend find work at a...

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Cafe Vibes

My friend and I were meeting for a coffee in a large café in the city. It was crazy busy but we managed to find somewhere to sit to begin our catch up. The café got busier and busier. The staff were stuck at the till trying to process the orders. A long queue formed out of the door. The...

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Faith in Humanity: Restored

For as long as I can remember, I've celebrated Random Acts of Kindness, never once anticipating anything in return. So when this happened to us, I was in utter shock. In late 2015, my son and I had fled a situation where we felt unsafe and went into hiding. I had no money to buy food and lived off very...

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Free Hugs in NYC

About a month ago I was having a really tough time after a traumatic event in my life. I became overwhelmed and started to cry on the subway train. A stranger next to me saw my struggle and said simply, "It’s going to be okay," while handing me a tissue. That unsolicited gesture changed my day and I felt compelled...

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Rastafarian Society Helps Medical Cannabis Patient

Jahmaica Marijuana Assembly donates $10,000 to a medical cannabis patient who is paying it forward to others in need

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Stuck in Cuba

After an interesting educational music tour of Cuba, my husband and I ended up 'stuck' when winter storms canceled our flight home to Boston. Everyone returning to the Northeast began scrambling to find alternate routes home. We tried to rebook via the internet, but our phone service did not work in Cuba and wifi availability at our hotel was poor....

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Matt's Place

A large number of people, including myself, volunteer to help cook and serve people every Thursday. These people are homeless, financially disadvantaged, or alone. Over 140 meals are served or given out, including a main meal and dessert. Takeaway meals are given to those who request or are in need. What l love about this program is how it involves...

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The Show Must Go On

Submitted by Annie Merovich

We'd been looking for someone of Chinese ethnicity to sing the anthem on Chinese Heritage Night for months. This night is important to our sponsor, O.R.G. Packaging. We had asked our contact at O.R.G. to help us find an anthem but came up empty-handed. We were three days out, and Joon Yi overheard us talking about still needing one. He...

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