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Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person? Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression? Share your kindness story with the world.

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He and I met a few years back at a local Starbucks where I've been a regular for many years. Over time we got to know each other and got to be good friends, with him, as I recall, taking the first step in inviting my son and me to a full night of country concerts, free of charge, VIP parking (behind the venue in the same area as all the musicians, etc), and including "All-Access", as he was heavily involved in the shows.
Since then, we have become each other's BFF. He could be described in many was, but the following, is definitely at the top: " Kindness is making someone smile if only for a moment." This. Is. Him. And...He does it; Every single day, without fail.
To be completely honest, I could go on about him endlessly. However, because I don't want this story to be toooo.long, I'm going to finish up here with 1 last thing.
Back in October 2023 I was having/going through a really exceptionally tough time, and, true to who he is and the kind of friend he is, he helped me to have an incredibly difficult, deeply personal, embarrassing and humiliating conversation with my folks involving finances; truly, without a doubt, the absolute 💯 most difficult (at least to me) conversation I've ever had/had to have with them. The following are copies of texts he sent me during that time.
"They will be perfect. Ty for calling your parents and having this talk with them as I requested. All will work out and I will help you as well by telling you no or think about it first. I love you. You are my bfffffff"

"Trust me your mom and him will talk when they are gone. It's going to work out."

"He will think about it. Your mom will talk with him. I know her well enough."

"He is upset. I can see that because he has set up trust so you don't have to be worried and he may be feeling let down. I also think that will pass sense ther is a plan and you show them u will stick with it. He is just hurt. I am that way and then after that I am like. No use staying upset. Let get the plan rolling. May take me a day or a week. I am this way with Reagan but I recently had enough because she doesn't stick with the plan. So stick with the plan & I promise you he will change. He loves u."

"Take it as a lot of relief. U did what u needed to and it's better today than 1,2, 3 weeks from now. The ball is rolling now.
Time will heal and u show him you will really put joy on his face and heart. I know u can. Juat good to take discipline."

"Good. It's humiliating but at least that can start to heal and everyone move forward."
"Getting ya on track You can do this and I will walk with u"

I truly don't know where I'd be without his kindness and friendship.


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