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a kindness story

when i am at school,we finish eating lunch,someone help me put the chair under the desk.

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A helping hand

In school, Someone forgot their hat and was very sad. I gave her that person hat to borrow and after that, that person was so happy. I was delighted that that person was happy.

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Gratitude Suprise

One Sunday afternoon, there was a knock at our door. When I opened up the door, I saw someone dressed like a dinosaur running away and a basket of goodies on the step. Inside were some treats and a gratitude journal. I remember crying because it was a lovely act of kindness that I needed.
I started writing in that...

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My son made me proud !

My son decided one day to stop randomly at a nursing home where he had spotted an elderly man sitting on the porch . He sat down to visit for awhile and the gentleman kept saying how much he liked my sons shoes ( inexpensive black tennis shoes) . When my son left he went and bought the gentleman a...

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Gifts for kids at the hospital

I have to have treatment once a week at Phoenix Childern's hospital.
While we are waiting, my mom and I make goody bags to give to other kids and the nurses.

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My sister Gina suffered from an AVM (arteriovenous malformation) at the age of 23 which caused a brain hemorrhage and resulted in her being paralyzed on her right side and she suffers from aphasia...a condition brought to public attention because actor Bruce Willis now has it too. She went to Northwestern, University of Illinois, and University of Chicago to become...

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The Kindness of Young Strangers

A few weeks ago, on a very cold day, my 93 year old mother had an emergency in her home. A fuse had tripped and she had lost power to all her sockets, which meant that she was unable to use the telephone to summon help. Also the fuse box was out of reach and entailed standing on a chair...

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Angels Among Us

MY STORY – Occurred Tues., Jan. 10, 2023:
Meet the (2) ANGELS who Blessed me with their kindness. I was on a business flight from Wichita, KS to Chicago O’Hare, and then traveling onto Madison, WI for an Ag Trade Show. On the second leg of my journey, I met a very nice lady (ANGEL-1); whom I was sitting next...

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Sense of humor saves a life.

Many years ago while joking about in a online chatroom. Their was this one username that never spoke in the room until the very end. We was the last two in the room when suddenly she spoke. She said I am not going to do it! I asked do what? She said hurt herself! She went on to say watching...

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giving a merry Christmas to my new neighbors

I got two candy canes from my cousin and i got home later on and i saw that my new neighbors have moved in and i looked at my candy canes and then looked back at them. Then I thought I should welcome them to our town then it was getting to late so I couldn't give them a candy...

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Construction Cherub

I was recently out walking with my 80 year old Mum, having encouraged her to stretch her legs just a few days after my Dad passed away. Unfortunately, she tripped over an uneven patch on the sidewalk landing squarely in her face, and started bleeding profusely. I took off my tshirt and gave it to her to staunch the bleeding...

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One for the Road

When managing a large high rise condo community, onsite staff have the opportunity to become a part of people's lives in our community within a community. This holiday season, one resident placed three dozen holiday cards in the outgoing mail. The mail carrier came to the office to let us know that one of the cards was missing a stamp...

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Online Games Spreading Love and Kindness

No matter what whenever I play an online video game i always try my best to be kind to everyone i meet especially if someone's new to a game, i don't judge anyone for how they play its all about having fun, i love to see everyone smile, you never know what someone's going through so i say to always...

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School kindness

Every day when I go through a door and someone is behind me I hold the door for them. At home, in school, everywhere I go I do that. I think that lights there more and my day.

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Pumped Up

My tires gave out in a marina parking lot. One went flat, another low, and I had no cell phone. I saw a group of men working on the engine of another car and asked if one could call for help, I would pay for the call. They did one better, brought a compressor over to my car, filled both...

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tinyist things that count

as a teenager we dont have a lot of money but my girlfriend always made sure to give me stuff... well make me stuff like gum wraper hearts and notes... it not much but its the tiny things that count

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Nice Lady

when I was in Walmart I saw a lady struggling to get something at the very bottom of a shelf, so I asked if I could help her. She said yes and after I helped he she gave me 20$, I told her no but she insisted so I took it.

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A Christmas Candle

I am a hopelessly shy, socially inept teenager. For the longest time, my only friends were books. Recently, I had to stay overnight for a conference with these two girls. I worried that they would be cliquey and I would be stuck with my well-worn copy of "Anne of Green Gables". But this could not be farther from the truth....

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It is the little things....

Every morning to start my day I would like to tell everyone "Good morning" when I leave for the day I tell everyone "Have a good evening". I know it isn't much. But it is the thought that counts.

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Groceries on my doorstep

As a single parent, working 3 jobs, no child support, and living away from family, I found myself struggling to even be able to feed my kids. A friend recognized my struggle and left groceries on my doorstep. My kids were so thrilled, you would have thought we had won the lottery!
When my situation improved, I started sharing this...

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I didn't want the reward, but...

I work at a super popular fast-food restaurant in California. I serve hundreds of people a day, and I honestly couldn't even remember a third of their faces if you put them all in a room and told me to point out who's who. They come by, flash a smile, take their order receipt, walk away, and boom! Their faces...

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Small Kind Act I won't forget

after i put up gas on my rented car one rainy morning I speed up along Boulevard de Mortagne, Boucherville, Canada to connect me sooner to the freeway for Maine USA.

I was stunned when I heard a honk from a car in the other left lane. In my mind, I thought it could be a cop. He motioned his...

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My best friend is full of love…

I was going through my divorce and I wasn’t in a good place. I had low self esteem, and was blaming myself a lot. My best friend would sit with me, she would let me cry, and tell me how great I am. She would bring me Starbucks while I was at work to help me get through the day....

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My Mom: The Epitome Of Kindness

My mom recently passed away and I miss her more than words could ever express. During the height of the pandemic she underwent awful, brutal rounds of chemo and never ever complained. I have a photo of her on my desk showing her true kindness, a day in the life of my mom. She’s walking into treatment wearing a mask,...

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Mailbox Kindness

In the early days of the pandemic I was scrolling Facebook and came across a friend's post. You know the one, where they say comment below and I will send the first 10 people a random gift at some point this year? Yeah, it rarely happens, but I decided to post the same message on my feed and promised myself...

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My mum

My mum and dad once said the are taking us to the food store so we came but the started going to the hills and arrived at a house and they had got us a dog

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Hearts for Love

When COVID began, I was stuck at home because of an antibody disorder. I wanted to help others who were having a hard time with COVID or other issues. I began making glass hearts that I call pocket hearts. I am a glass artist and I do glass fusion-I put layers of glass in a kiln and fire it to...

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Kindness Inspires Kindness

My son has truly made me a better person, ironically even moreso since he passed away. He spent his whole 20 years doing things for others, I am truly inspired by the young man and kind soul he became so I created Bobby's Legacy Foundation in his memory and spend my days performing as many random acts of kindness as...

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A Ride

Due to finances; being a single mom and teacher, I had to return my car back to the dealership. So I was walking a mile every day to drop my son, who was only a year off; thankfully his sitter was a mile away, and then half a mile to school. I remember watching the school buses going by, wishing...

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Kindness At Work

My husband and I both retired AF vets, and I had just relocated to a new city upon his retirement. when some months later, he suffered what would be the first of two heart attacks. I had only been in my new position as a university department administrator when it happened. Not having any children or any relatives in the...

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