One smile. One hug. One cup of coffee. One person...

Who's Your One?

Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person?
Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression?
Share your kindness story with the world.

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My mum

This is a simple story of learning to be kind. There were no gramd gestures, no paying for someone else's groceries or a ticket for the bus - we were barely getting by ourselves. But my mother taught me every day in simple ways that everyone deserves respect, empathy and kindness. Regardless of race, or class, or gender, or sexual...

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Helping Those in Need

My friend and I started this kind gesture 3 years ago. Where'd we save up our McDonald's coffee tabs, and Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim winnings, and we give them to the homeless. This tradition normally takes place around the cold month and as we roam the streets, we give each one homeless individual that we come across our...

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If This Was You, Thank You!

My brother was a patient at MD Anderson Cancer Center, suffering from the brutal effects of leukemia relapse. He asked me for one of those heated vibrators to soothe the pain in his muscles. I looked at the big stores first, without success. Then I started checking every drugstore I could find. All the clerks said the same thing: "Come...

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My kind daughter

My daughter always stops and either buys a meal or brings gifts of necessities to the homeless on the street. She once gave $50 to a family that was stranded without gas to get home. I’m so proud of her!

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Going forward after a tragedy.

My name is jewels walter & after tragedy that left me with a club foot my youngest son & family took me out 2red robbins 4 dinner. I was not able 2 take my wheelchair so i was given the most terrible task of the day, walking n the Resgrant using a walking stick. & my son

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Light in a dark place

Hello I am writing in asking for help for my family this time,we our a family of five ,I started have a bake sale in my community to make ends meet, however I soon realized that the children were in need of love and hugs and something sweet ,so I give sweet treats to all the kids in my community...

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11 year old in El Paso reaches out for kind acts by all

This is not my story but one of a young boy in Texas in the aftermath of the shooting in El Paso. Here's the link. When you read a story like this, you remember that there is always hope.

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Angel of Kindness

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Driving Downtown on a Friday evening

I'm a delivery driver, I went into town to pick up an order, the street pavement was uneven due to the city repairing ( warning sign was placed, Be careful driving dangerous) I followed traffic down that street, it was a rough drive! I could hear my tire going flat, I made it around the corner. People, of course, were...

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Kings Care Foundation Donation - Sean & Tracy Wirch

I met Sean and Tracy Wirch at the 2019 NHL Draft party where over 700 LA Kings Season Ticket Members, players, and fans watched and celebrated at Grand Central Market.

I was working at the Kings Care Foundation booth and Tracy walked up wanting to make a donation. Handing her the handheld device, I watched as she input a generous...

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Acts of Kindness Changed My World: My Life with Autism

It is amazing that every act we take will ultimately affect other people around us, and this proves the significant effects in changing other people’s behaviors through imitation (copying a particular behavior we observe). When we give to others, we are taking consideration for other people’s desires and needs rather than our own. There are actually many benefits in...

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Two Blind People Save A Child's Life

Robert F. Smith, totally blind, a few years ago started on a quest to do acts of kindness. He didn't have a clue where his footsteps would take him. One of his journey's was to walk from Long Beach, California to Las Vegas. He accomplished the task, and while he was walking he raised funds for a child who needed...

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My teacher

The one person that has made me become a better person and has helped me extremely ismy teacher Ms.Williss and she has made me become a better person by turning me from shy and quiet to outgoing ,from being passive to assertive,not wanting to learn and go to school,to wanting to learnand go to school Ms.Williss is one of the...

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Writing Kindness

My one is my 13-year-old son, Gabe. Gabe is spreading kindness, compassion, and acceptance through a children's book he wrote and illustrated about a boy who has Autism and his struggle to make a new friend at school. Gabe was inspired to write this book from his volunteer experience working in a theater program with individuals who have special needs....

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Dreams United

Dr. Timothy Williams owns a pediatric office in Florida, but what many people do not know is that he runs a nonprofit organization called Dreams United. This man had a dream of opening an orphanage in Africa and believed that God was directing him to do so. As a result, in 2016, he took his first team to Tanzania and...

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Driving with Kindness

When I was in elementary school, we were quite poor. The school offered free lunch but when the teacher called your name to collect lunch money, you had to call out, "free lunch!" I was too embarrassed to call the phrase out, so I would just skip lunch. My bus driver told me he needed help opening the doors when kids...

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Nurses Playing Cards of Love

In December we found out that Mom’s cancer had progressed to the point that doctors started talking in terms of months for her to live. Our daughter was scheduled to be married in 2020, but with this crushing news, we worked hard against the ever-ticking clock of cancer to be sure her Mom-Mom would be in attendance on her big...

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Surprise Gifting

My live-in boyfriend and I had an unexpected dog expense between paychecks and had just broken into our piggy bank to get $7 into our gas tank. When we pulled up to the pump we noticed a note in a baggy which read, "Help yourself to $25 worth of gas on me!" with a Random Acts of Kindness card included....

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Helping A Teammate

Today during the Special Olympics wheelchair race, Camron won the race in 11 seconds, which is an amazing time! After he won the race he realized one of his teammates was struggling to complete the race.  Camron came back and helped his teammate finish the race by pushing the boy's wheelchair one-handed and wheeling his own wheelchair with the other...

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Free Hugs Given Here!

I started giving out free hugs about 4-5 years ago at a university, a park, and other locations. As time has gone by, many students and people have spoken appreciation for this simple act. They have told me that my hugs made a difference to them and helped them feel better. Some have even said that mine is the best hug they...

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