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One smile. One hug. One cup of coffee. One person...

Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person? Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression? Share your kindness story with the world.

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The Accident

Hello, My name is Capri
When i was 13 years old, and it was around 6am on a friday morning. me and my family were on the road to go to Auckland, nz. We were just in nz for a vacation. We were driving when the car in front of us swerved uncontrollably and drove off the side of the...

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Overcoming water fear

It was really early in the morning. I remember talking to the mom who told me that her husband was visiting for a tattoo convention. Her son who was about second grade & I connected & we're talking. He was excited to see dolphins & so was I.
We all got on the boat & arrived at our first destination....

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Be nice to our older generation

Hi my name is Tracey on the 14th of February I was admitted into hospital for 3 days In Wagga hospital the older lady in the same room as me has elsymers and copd she asked if she could sit with me and share my tv as hers had no sound I said of course you can she sat with...

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When I was little my church was having an awards ceremony for the kids in bible class. I had completed 2nd division and was awarded a subway card. I was so happy being only in 3rd grade. When the ceremony was over me and my mom were walking out of the building and this lady at my church forgot her...

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A Quick Story

I was walking out of a theme park and a worker there suddenly walked up to me and said "These look better with you outfit." She then handed me some pink daises and walked away. She did not know it but those flowers made my day. Just remember small acts of kindness can change somebodies day. :D

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A Gift of Kindness

It was a day before my friends birthday and he wasn't doing anything for his birthday so I felt bad. I decided that I would get him a gift. I went to the store with my mom and I got him a football, chips, and a drink. I hope he had a nice birthday and loved my gift.

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nice story

beautiful pretty pincecess

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helping people

my name is Dusabe
and I love helping people in need, helping people is my thing, when i grow up i want to be a doctor so that I can help people who are sick and people who are old and people who can't take care of themselves. my dream is to become a great doctor and I wish...

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Kohls kindness

One day I was shopping at Kohls with my mom. We were trying to look for something cheap because my family doesn't have tons of money. Well, this little old lady came walking by and she told me and my mom that she had a coupon and was willing to give it to us for free! My mom and I...

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It’s only a dollar

Today I was at the market. My order came up seventy six cents short. I was mortified. I told the cashier to just take something off. Then a tap on the shoulder. A sweet lady behind me hands me a dollar. At first I wouldn’t take it. I’m the one who hands dollars to others not others to me. The...

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The Jared Box Project - A “Give Local” community service effort on a mission to bring smiles and joy to children in hospitals across the US since 2001

Good afternoon,

What’s scarier than a child that is sick or injured and needs to go to the Emergency Room or be admitted to the hospital? Probably not much, other than the terrified look on the face of their parents. What could help alleviate some of that stress and concern? Something that could bring a smile to their face and...

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Breakfast for Dad

My mother and father have been married for 66 yrs. My mother is now in a nursing home with late stage Alzheimer's disease. My devoted heartbroken 87 year old father visits her everyday day and sometimes twice a day. He is also a creature of habit and goes out to breakfast four times a week at four different restaurants. He...

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Fast friendship

These two girls became friends within two days. They were inseparable by day two. Always calling each other on the phone and always wanting to know what the other one is doing. Despite they're differences in life, they have been able to see past those things and flourish in life. I have a really awesome idea that those two are...

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Helped my mom feel ok

My mom had a hurt nose one night and we decided to get out somewhere in those things where you can place on them to make them feel a little cool and better. I decided that I wanted to match her and make her feel like she wasn’t alone in the process. I spread my kindness then

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Employee Appreciation

It was recently employee appreciation day and while I had planned stuff to do for the employees in my organization I didn't want it to just be about me recognizing all the hard work and effort they were doing but I wanted to make sure that people were recognized from their peers. We already have a recognition piece as part...

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BE present

One time during a regular day at the (home)office, I called a colleague in my department which I do not know quiet well. The purpose of the call was for him to confirm any project details, we ended up talking about an hour mainly on the struggles of life and work. Like most conversations, people ask each other how they...

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When I did a good act of kindness

I was at my home just waiting for my sister to come home from school when she came home crying and I went up to her and I don't wanna tell what she said but I know it was something bad so I did everything she likes I made her food, Charged her phone so she wouldn't have to get...

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I kindness I help my brought. He nets me to help to do is math.

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I gave my mom a mothers day gift.

In preschool I gave my mom a mothersday gift. I spent 2 hours on it.

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Helping people is cool!

I helped open a door for a person on a wheelchair by themselves. They had type 2 diabetes which is really hard and I know what that person feels like right now. My mom told me to go help the lady with the door while she was filling out some papers. The thing she said to me was so nice...

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