Kindness Videos

January 20, 2016


When Claire Lemmel saw that people in her San Francisco neighborhood weren't connecting as they walked by each other on the streets, she decided to put kindness in action ... and her smile on a giant poster! Her kindness and smile are now inspiring hundreds of people on her daily walks.


FEBRUARY 20, 2020
I showed this video to my elementary school this week for Random Acts of Kindness Week. One of our kindergarten classes decided to follow your lead. The teacher printed out color pictures of each child's smile and they paraded around school with their smiles!! The most precious thing ever!! If I had a way to post a pic, I would!!

APRIL 29, 2017
Claire- I love your smile-❤

NOVEMBER 11, 2016
Cheese! Smile everyone. That's a great way to get people smiling. Even if they don't want to.

AUGUST 26, 2016
Even if you don´t change the whole world... this is a great idea to change at least some moments in the lifes of others. I will definitely do that as a project with my 7 th grade to see and document their experiences.

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