Kindness Videos

March 23, 2018


There are scientifically proven benefits to being kind! It is contagious, teachable, and makes you feel all fuzzy inside. Check out our new video featuring the science of kindness. 


FEBRUARY 12, 2024
When watching the video I remembered a time when I found my best friend for the first time, and I remember how i felt; i felt happy and excited and I remember feeling relieved that i wouldn't be alone that school year. -Delilah Watkins

FEBRUARY 12, 2024
when my friend helped me get my ball back after someone threw it in the street

FEBRUARY 12, 2024
Evan: it makes me feel happier and feel better

JULY 21, 2020
Inspiring kindness video! I am very excited to share this to our grade school students this coming school year while they are on a distance learning. Thank you.

APRIL 10, 2020
I love helping people!

FEBRUARY 8, 2020
Great video, sharing such an important message. The power of one, to be the change. Look forward to sharing this. Best wishes , Dr Mark Rowe

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