Kindness Videos

March 23, 2018


Watch our new video inviting you to help kindness become the norm in your home, school or workplace. Pass it on!


I love it
almost 4 years ago

Everyday we need remember it! Kindness can be the norm Thank you
almost 3 years ago

Let me be reminded always that kindness can be the norm. With appreciation. ms. gorospe
almost 2 years ago

The animation looks awesome! Cheers to making kindness the norm :D
about 1 year ago

After showing kindness and doing kind acts around the workplace, my company has finally added a kindness program. We'll be setting up areas in each office with kindness cards for employees to take and give to someone. I'm hoping it'll inspire them to go beyond the workplace. I'm so excited about this project!
about 1 year ago