Kindness Videos

May 5, 2016


Chris Natske is a Master Tae Kwon Do instructor at the Colorado Alliance of Martial Arts in Parker, Colorado. Every year he coaches hundreds of students through the rigorous process of achieving their Black Belt rank. BUT, Chris is doing something different. Along with a four month process of hard physical work, the students also have to perform 400 random acts of kindness.


JUNE 12, 2020
An educator comes in all forms and fashion. We are responsible for our future, therefore we need to mold young children in a positive direction to benefit us as well as them.

JANUARY 25, 2020
Great job Chris! I was a karate mom and my kids have great mind and spirit. They learned much from karate. The kindness they learned from church. Good job bringing kindness and compassion into your program.

What a great idea

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