Home for Life is an animal sanctuary that is home to nearly 200 animal residents that can only be helped by a care for life center.


This is heartwarming. Your program "Peace Creatures" is especially wonderful.
ANGELA MARSHALL almost 2 years ago

This is wonderful. I love ❤️ anyone that loves and cares for creatures of all kinds. Especially our forgotten at one time pets. It's so sad how many strays are out in the world. I think everyone should own a pet. Or should I say, having 5 dogs and 9 cats that every pet should have a human. All but 3 rescued me. God bless this person/foundation.
MARYKAY WEAVER almost 2 years ago

Beautiful! I'm an animal lover and I'm heartened to see these critters being loved and cared for. Thank you for the work you do! :-)
KENO POWERS over 2 years ago

This is really breath taking. Animals have such a great impact on human beings. If I won the lottery, I'd open up an animal center like this. THANK YOU for making the world a better place for those animals!
CAROLA SCHUEEPP over 2 years ago

Watched by 3rd - 5th grade Matagorda ISD students in their "Connections" Class!
SUSAN PHILLIPS over 2 years ago

This is so awesome and beautiful! I want to learn more about this shelter!
TARA PEDROLEY over 2 years ago

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