Pick Up Trash


Beautify your surroundings! Be kind to the environment and those around you by picking up trash when you see it lying around. It doesn't matter who left it there, just pick it up!


Picking up trash helps keep your neighborhoods, schools, parks, beaches, playgrounds, etc. clean and healthy. You will appreciate your surroundings more, and everyone else will, too.

Step It Up:

Organize a group of people to go out and keep a specific area clean. Help with a beach clean up, or be a part of a relief team working to clean up after a natural disaster. Once a month commit to going to a local park or picnic area and picking up after others who may have left trash behind. You can also do this on the side of a road, or even on your neighborhood streets. And don't stop at just picking up garbage! Separate out the trash that can be recycled.

Keep It Simple:

Always keep an extra bag to act as a trash bag where ever you go. You can keep it in your car, backpack or purse. Use this bag not only for your own trash, but also for other trash you might see lying around!

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I never think to bring a plastic bag with me when I go on a walk, but whenever I see one laying on the ground I pick it up and fill it with litter, usually by the time I have that bag full I come across another plastic bag and fill that one up to, this continues until I either can't carry any more bags or I get back home, it's surprising how much you pick up. HAND SANITIZER or gloves is a must (because ew, I've found some pretty gross things). Elizabeth from Lincoln, Ne

When ever I'm out I never bring a bag with me, but I should. All the time on the side of the road, the park, and even in the woods I see A LOT of trash. Now my dad and I are starting to carry around bags, and every week we pick up trash. If everyone did this our surroundings would look A LOT better. So keep the space around you clean. Small steps can make a BIG difference. Nia from Fort Washington, Md

We are in the middle of five park areas. On average, we remove 10lbs of dog poo from our adjacent park every week. That is 520lbs a year!! We also call in graffiti as soon as it is spotted so the parks department can paint over it. There is an apartment complex nearby that collects grocery carts so we call the stores they came from to let them know where they are. Finally, we sort out all the aluminum from other rubbish and give it to our retired neighbor for recycling. Godfather Of Poop from Arvada Colorado

If you belong to a club or a group, you could perhaps ask them to help you or you could organise a litter-picking event in your area Helen from England

i think helping the world will change golbal warming Daniel from Sacramento

For some reason, no matter how much trash you pick up, there is still more in the world somewhere. But just because you know this does not mean you should just give up or not even try! Making a difference in just a small area can influence hundreds of people around you. So make a difference when and where you can while you can! Clean a nearby park! Your neighborhood! Even taking out your trash can make a difference. So do it while you can. Help collect trash! Jordan Noble from Jacksonville, Florida

nice Gbcc from Bcbx

My daughter started a trash picking club in their school. Big change starts small, right? Hannah from San Diego

I go out every morning for a walk. I carry a trash picker and two bags, and I pick up every piece of trash along my way. I call the city about big ticket items left on the sidewalk, I report stray shopping carts, and I tear every single sign off the utility poles. It is like going fishing: How much can I get today? Chat Noir from Los Angeles

I recently started picking up trash in my neighborhood for an hour or two every Monday (garbage day). For the longest I would drive home and be bothered by the litter that was accumulating so finally I decided to do something about it. Hopefully others around me will be inspired and decide to join in. Shannon from Lehigh Acres, Florida

After 9/11, I had to console my inner self and starting pick up trash in a local park near me. I have been doing it ever since. Picked up trash, tires, dishwashers, car parts, you name it. People asked me if I worked for the city. Nope, just helping my community! Kerry from Phoenix, Arizona

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