Visit An Animal Shelter


There are many benefits to being around pets. In fact, researchers have found that people who have pets are likely to live longer than those who don’t. One reason for this might be because being around a pet can reduce stress in your life, and even help people combat depression.

Animals can also benefit from the human-animal relationship. Homeless or abandoned animals that live in shelters often have trouble coping because they are lonely. Even if you don’t have the means to adopt a pet, you can still comfort an animal at a shelter, while relaxing and reviving yourself from the stress in your own life.


Like all nonprofit organizations, animal shelters greatly depend on help from volunteers to be able to operate. Without volunteers, animal shelters wouldn’t be able to do all the work they do, which might mean more animals would have to be euthanized. Even just an hour a month will make a difference.

Step It Up

Add visiting your local animal shelter to your weekly to-do list. Volunteer to walk or play with dogs, help cleaning cages and feeding the animals, or provide fundraising or administrative support.

Keep It Simple

Take a day to visit an animal shelter in your community. Make some new friends –four-legged and two-legged– by bringing treats for the animals and the staff.

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You might not be able to adopt a pet but you can help and make a difference. Helping your local shelter can be as simple as volunteering to play with the kittens and cats for an hour. They are happier and easier to adopt with human interaction. If you feel closer to dogs call your local rescue group. They may need someone to help for a couple of hours on their adoption days. So little can mean so much. Wendy Taylor from Summit, Nj

i think it is amazing Mahalia from New Zealand

That is such a cute baby cat. I would love to have a pet someday. But instead of wasting money on buying a pet, you could just go to an animal shelter and play with those animals for FREE! Awesome Person from Earth

i wish i could do this but i have no really been given the opportunity to do so and i have no idea where to find an animal shelter but i would love to make these animals feel special and make that small change. I Smile from England

Awesome Person from Earth - I politely disagree with you on one point. It is NEVER wasted money when buying a loving pet. I also encourage others to (if it is okayed by the personnel) bring a pet to a senior care. They also find it very satisfying. Ariel from Wisconsin

This is a great idea. the school I attend is goin to do that. Kia from Il

i have to do this... it puts me on pain to see animals suffer Lukas from Seattle,Washington

i wiilll visit an animal shelter asap Yello Bannanazz Crazy from Seattle,Washington

i want to volunteer at my local animal shelter i have gone there before and played with the dogs and cats i took the dogs for a walk and played with the cats in the cat playing room it was a nice experience Christina Lindsey from Local Animal Shelter

I love this idea. I once went to an animal shelter with my Girl Scouts and walked the dogs and played with them. I love animals I have a dog and I love him so much and he sleeps on my bed every night. So I'm definetly going to an animal shelter at least 3 times a week. Imma Boss from Northwest Middle In W Inston Salem Nc

Give pet foods to seniors on disability. They love their pets like they are their children. Jeanne Morrison from 8872 Conway Dr.,Riv, Ca. 92503

I already volunteer and it is fun Naruto from The Vilage Hidden In The Leaf

I love the cute animals maybe i can visita the animal shelter. Tony Huerta from Uoin City Nj

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