Adopt A Soldier


Raise a soldier's spirits and make a friend by adopting a soldier as a pen pal. Showing your encouragement and gratitude for the hard work they do will be appreciated.

Often soldiers don't get enough sleep or food and are dealing with difficult weather and high pressure situations in a foreign country. They are far from the comforts of home and working 24 hours a day. Let them know you care about them and are thankful for all that they are doing.


Your encouraging note or package may be the only mail they receive for weeks or months. While some soldiers to have loved ones back home, others may not have any. They may have become a soldier for a fresh start and may not have a support network to help them through the tough times. You can be the person that makes their day!

Step It Up:

Don't just send a letter or card, send a care package. Shop for items that would be hard for a soldier to find in a foreign country--favorite foods or snacks, even some hygiene products. Put together a package and send it on it's way to a lucky soldier. Get your friends, family, co-workers or classmates involved. Have everyone in your family write a letter to include in the care package. Or encourage your entire class to adopt a soldier together. Each day have a different student write a letter, ensuring that your soldier will receive a different letter everyday for a month! If you really want to step it up, think about adopting an entire platoon of soldiers.

Keep It Simple:

You can even use email to express your thanks. Ask your friends and family if they know someone who has served or is serving. Chances are someone will know a soldier. Ask if you can write to them and thank them for their service. If you are not able to consistently write or send care packages you can still help! Make a one-time donation to an organization that adopts soldiers. If that organization is located near you, offer to volunteer to help with filing or making cold calls.

How To:

  • If you live in the US, visit Adopt a Soldier to adopt a soldier as your pen pal.
  • You can adopt an entire platoon as well! A great option for a classroom, church/religious group or athletic team.
  • Maybe you know of a soldier who could use some encouragement. There is a "submit a soldier" feature on the Soldier's Angels website.

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Your Comments

I would like to be a soldiers pen pal. And I would like to share the idea with friends on facebook. Shirley Motsenbocker from Oklahoma City Okla

I would like to be a soldiers pen pal. It would be nice to raise someones spirits and be kind:] Tessa Slechta from Sioux Falls South Dakota

I think that this is an amazing idea, is there a website where you can go to start doing this? Katie from Dunkirk Ny

Hey I would be willing to write them some letters! I hope you don't mind but I will just email the address you have posted above. Sammi from Indianapolis, In

Count me in! Sandi from Mansfield, Tx

I would like to be a pen pal, please send me the info and address! Toni Fisher from Arlington Va

I would love to help in your efforts to support our military men and women. My family recently lost a wonderful brother & uncle who spent over 20 years of his life serving the county he so loved. This would be an excellent way to honor my uncle and to show my support for our military. Lisa from Otho, Ia

I remember doing this in high school during the Viet Nam war. Our Home Ec class also put together boxes of treats and items and sent to soldiers. I still have a beautiful oil painting that my pen pal soldier had painted of me from a photo he had. Maxine from Indiana

I would love to do this because I'm also thinking about joining the military and I would very much appreciate something like this Robert from Monrovia, Ca

My second grade class would love to adopt a would also help them to read and write and understand what it is to do an act of kindness for someone. Cperks@Dadeschools.Net from Miami, Florida

I am taking a course in Human Services and we are supposed to do Acts of Kindness first throughout our school and then through the community, this is a brilliant idea! I am going to bring this up to my instructor.... Thank you <3 Tina from Moncton

I would like to recommend a site I have personally used and is extremely reputable: Diane from Montana

Just signed up cant wait to get started...Awesome idea Penny from Maryland

Brilliant! I will definitely be doing this! :) Amanda from Hawaii

This is a brilliant idea! I'd love to participate. Chelsea from California

I think adopting a soldier is a great idea. Writing to a soldier, wow! Estel from Perth

I would love to be able to help out and I really don't see why I can't take a little time out of my day to just chat to someone who maybe would like to hear about something other that what they are seeing everyday :) Dom from Melbourne

I would love to write letters to soldiers that are risking their lifes to keep us safe. God bless them. Jo Ann Arguijo from Eden Prairie,Mn

this would be fun. especially to hear from a soldier. Emily from Ohio

Thank you all for your service and reaching out to our soldiers. God bless you all. Cora Jacobs from Joplin, Mo

I can't wait to start this Tristen from Ohio

This sounds like a really good idea. I am a soldier and mail is very short sometimes . . . Mark from Houston

That is a great idea Aunika from Lexington Ky

i like it, im going to try it sometime... Essence from Pfafftown, Nc

My Mum 'adopted a soldier' when she was 19. That soldier is my father and they have been happily married for 23 years. He frequently comments that even though he had fantastic network of family and friends who sent his letters and parcels, it was the kind words of a 'stranger' that made his days. Such a small gesture can make a soldier's day. Lucy from England

I would Love to penpal to someone and make their day a little brighter! Ashley from Oklahoma

I would love to send a letter to one of our military personnel who might not recieve any mail from home and so they can know that someone cares. I just need a name and mailing address to do this. Kristin from Rockwell, Tx

I would like to become a pen pal but how do I start? I wan to show them how much I care and appreciate their work. Just point we where I need to go:) Julia from Alberta, Canada

I have no idea how to Find a penpal, but if you can tell me, then I can begin to share some kindness. Margie Martinez from Tacoma, Washington

I would love to have a pen pal a friend to talk too and be there for them also. Margaret Poirier from Webster Ma 01570

I would love to have a pen pal, but I do not know how, being a soldier's pen pal would be cool, lifting someone's spirits to know that someone out there cares for them. Kaitlin from Dover, Arkansas

Great idea! Count me in, Kelley Bredell from Corona, Ca

I would really like to be and make friends with soldiers.. what an inspiration you guys are.. Phoebe Wilson from Manila

I'd love to be someone's penpal. Keep their spirits up and help them get through their deployment. I'd love to get some more information. Hopefully you dont mind me emailing you to get some more info from you :) Kym A from Glendale, Az

Im not an american but im willing to adopt a soldier from america because i admire what they are doing not only in america but all nation, this is my way of saying thank you for always helping our country, hope you allow me to do it! GOD BLESS AMERICA! Thanks, Elsa Elsa from Philippines

I would find that writing to any serviceman very rewarding.. I have lots of time on my hands and love writing letters,it would give me so much pleasure knowing that a soldier had his spirits lifted by simply receiving a letter, card or parcel.. Just to know I'm making someone's day..making someone happy. Jean from England

Doing this has been on my mind for a long while, and I've finally decided to act on wanting to make a change to brighten a soldiers day. :) Stephanie from Sa, Tx

My nephew was in the marines and it always made me sad knowing some people had nothing to look forward to like he did. Kristina Cazares from Oakdale California

I would love to write a letter to a soldier overseas ! My Dad and younger brother both were in the Air Force! Dj Vance from Phoenix,Arizona

Hi, I would love to write a soldier & support them & brighten their day! :) Breonna H from Pennsylvania

I would love to be an encoragement!! How do I sign up to do it through email? Jd from Georgia

I have done the Adopt a Soldier program before with my children when they homeschooled. It was a FANTASTIC experience. I am now bringing it into the classroom for my Hospitality Students to engage a person for the shear fact that we can and should! Jena from Pa

would like to be pen pal.soldier Suzanne Little from Montreal Quebec

I would like to be apart of this, they work so hard Thelca Gibbs from Arima, Trinidad

I am 100% doing this! I have a father in the air force and I will send a package to him that he will share with the rest in his camp. Taylor from Pensylvania

I would love to write a letter to a soldier overseas ! Malibu Pearce from United Kingdom

I want to write to a soldier. One of them needs someone to talk to. Savannah Drews from Kansas

My husband was in the army and he was telling me how some soldiers never got a care package I just want to bring some joy and hope into someone life and cheer them up. Joanna Sharon from Denvee

I would LOVE to do it count me in. ! Alexis from Hendersonvillek

I would like to be a pen pal.. Count me in Tiffany from Atlanta

My husband and I want to share that we care. I can't wait to get a care package together. I had done this befoer Sheila from Jacksonville, Fl

This is great. I would be honored to support our soldiers by becoming a pen pal. Elaine from Tennessee

No matter I am not an american citizen I am proud to know I have friends who are serving god bless america Keisha Hosein from Trinidad And Tobago

Ever since my great grandpa told me the stories of when he was in WWII I had always wanted to do this and now that he has passed away, I want to do this for him because the military meant so much to him. Abbie from Sc

I am looking for a marine penpal, around my age just to talk and raise someones spirits Rebee from Pontiac, Michigan

I personally love writing letters and I wouldn't mind giving some support and or care packages to the troops out there ! Kimberlee Andrew from Alaska

My names Jenelle I would like a soldier penpal Jenelle from Oregon

My grandpa was in the military and I was so fascinated with his stories and what was going on. I need a soldier!! Teresa from Michigan

I would love to have a pen pal ! My kids enjoy listening to story's from their uncle , Heather from Louisiana

I would love to have a military pen pal, I used to have one when I was a teenager, it's nice to learn about people far away serving our country. Paula from West Texas

My mom was in the military and I would love to write and send a care package to a soldier. Megan Wichman from Iowa

I'd love a pen-pal! Their job is never done, never appreciated as much as it should be, and I'd like to raise some spirits! Stephanie Rill from Heppner, Oregon

I would love to be someone's pen pal Ashley Jensen from Perry Utah

I would love to do this but I live in the UK. Is there a particular reason only people living in the US can do this? Azadeh from United Kingdom

I would LOVE to be a pen pal! :) Ma Kayla from Pennslyvania

I think that writing letters is a dying art. I'd love to have a soldier pen pal, exchanging letters and sending care packages. To meet new people out side my bubble. Polagia from Alaska

I would love to be part of this to uplift the spirit of the soldiers..hope that it will be possible even Im here in Philippines.. Lia from Philippines

Hi I'm looking to do some writing to the man and women that are serving our country from the goodness of there please friend me a pen pals so I can lift there spirits Shirley from Australia

Would love to interact with our Soldiers, letting them know how appreciated their service is. Melissa O from Humble, Tx

My brother is a former U.S Marine. Hs is re-enlisting in the Army this year as a Ranger in Special Forces. I'd love to become a penpal for a soldier! It would be a true honor. Sydney from Punta Gorda, Florida

I would like to have a pin pal. Please send them my way. Would love to share care packages. Debbie Antinori from Sneads Ferry, N.C.

My family and I would love to be a pen pal to a soldier please send me info so we can start writting we are hoping this will help our son with his writting techniques My brother in law is ex marine my nephew is in the Air Force and when my brother in law was over seas loved these letters and care packages Vicky Grandchamp from Springfield,Ma

My son and I would be honored to be a part of this amazing project. I am an army brat with also my whole family serving as far back as WWII. Jennifer Timmerman from Indianapolis, In.

Operation We Are Here is geared towards helping civilians support US military personnel and their families. There are many organizations that send cards, letters and care packages to deployed military personnel, wounded warriors, and families of deployed military. Visit Benita Koeman from Ft. Jackson, Sc

If I can make at least one persons day a little lighter with a simple letter then that's the least I can do. Roslyn from Brisbane Australia

love to help. Joanne Gebbie from England

We will be adopting a soldier or few. We will be checking into all we do, as we have family that have served and is serving. Thanks to all whom God has chosen to protect us. Blessing to all! The Corker Family from Sacramento, Ca

Looking to brighten someone's days.. I could never express my gratitude enough for the sacrificies each, one of our brave men and women make each day. To all of you who serve..... i thankyou. Tonya Kitts from La Follette, Tennessee

Is this strictly available to US only? I'm from the UK, and I think it would be a nice gesture to send a letter - or are there location specific sites? (All the UK ones so far have been dating sites, and that's not what I'm after.) Rachael from Uk

I have so much respect for the military, they give so much to their country and the world. Will love to write to a soldier. Amanda from South Africa

hi i would like to be a pen pal Joann from Queensland

Hi, is this only available to US citizens? I live in Australia. This seems like a really nice thing to do for someone. Georgie from Brisbane, Australia

I want to write to a soldier!! Christal Scott from Clanton Alabama

Would like to adopt a soldier. Minnie Eiswald from 4409 Hodgkins Rd. Lake Worth Texas 76135

I'd like a pen pal:). Written letters are nice and I'd like to meet people with different life styles and experience than myself. Erin Depofi from Binghamton Ny

Would be honored to adopt a soldier Melinda Tomlin from Paris, Tennessee

I would love to write a soldier and hopefully develop a long distance relationship that would lead to marriage. Charmaine from Philippines

I would love to do this! Sandra C from Red Oak, Texas

I would like to be a pen pal to one or more solidires. I feel they need support and communication to a friend who's interested in what he does. Renea Gillean from Dalton, Ga

Can a Canadian do this as well? Linda Harwardt from Alberta Canada

Would love to adopt a platoon. I make greeting cards and I thought they would like to have some to send home. I also knit. And of course would love to send goodies. My dad was in WW2. I am doing this in his memory. Thank you for all you do Esther Colvin from Thousand Oaks, Ca

Would love to adopt a soldier pen pal. Would love to offer some encouragement. Karen from North Carolina

I love to help a Solider help them feel like there at home Selena Garcia from San Antonio

I want to become a pen pal to the military soldiers and send care packages. Nadine Dixon from Houston,Tx

I want to help too where can I sign up Melissa Facundo from Dallas Tx

I would like to write to a soilder and talk to whoever answers. Im so glad that you are trying to be safe whereever you are. I am so proud of you Dawne Ledford from Kings Mtn. N.C. 28086

Would love to help Victoria Stewart from Scotland

I would love to write the soldiers and give them support someone to contact and know is there.. Hailey from Mn

I would love to 'adopt a soldier and be able to give them hope and encouragement Julia from Colorado

I would love to give my support and encouragement to the ones that are protecting our country.. Anita from Florida

I am looking for a pen pal Shyra from Maryland

I'm looking for a few military personal to brighten up there days,I enjoy making home made fudge and bake things that I could ship care packages to in hopes it gives them the feeling of being home and I hope to give them joy. Sharon Malone from Ypsilanti Michigan

I just want to brighten up people's lives with laughter and smiles while in the conditions that they are. I'm very funny and I'm a great conversationalist! Don't worry I'm not all about serious sauce, just want to make your day! I want a pen pal" Kayla from New York

I am interested in being a pen pal. I would prefer someone near my age as it would give more to talk about. Lisa L. from Florida

Count me in! I never had a pen pal Kimberly Columbus from Valliant,Oklahoma

I would love to be a pen pal with a solder. my grandpa's both were and my dad served, as well as my brother at the moment. I want to do my part for this country and keep our soldiers sane. Kimberly Chaney from Springfield, Oregon

I would like to to a pen pal for solider. Katrina P. from Tucson, Az

I would love to pen pal for a solider, because I know how hard it is and I wanna help a solider in need Haylee from Texas

I would like to be a pen pal. I think it's great what these soldiers do! They are a big part of what America stands for! Renee from Altoona Pa

Yes I would love to help with the penpal . I move to Ireland 17 years ago and I know how precious letters can be , and I love writing , count me in Maribel from Co. Galway , Ireland

Count me in would love to be a penpal, it's great to be writing the soldiers letters to thank them for all the sacrifices and their services. Jane Ellison from Tacoma Washington

hi.. there.. id like to join here becouse i want to have lots of friends from other the way im rowena fiel from philipines Rowena Fiel from Philippines

hi I'd like to have a soldier pen pal to show my thanks for what they do for us. I'd like to be able to be a connection to home if my soldier is deployed. Todd Schafer from Escondido, California

Never had a pen pal before, but what better pen pal to have than a solider fighting for this amazing country that is in need of encouragement and just someone to remind them of home! Sign me up! Cari Robinson from Mineola, Tx

Hi, I really love and support the idea, it will be an honor to support are troops by just showing my gratitude and appreciation. Solange Mukantabana from Phoenix, Az

Hi, I would love to sign up and become a pen pal to your Soldiers, but I have noticed that all comments have come from people who live in the USA, I live in South Wales UK could I become a pen pal? Lyn from South Wales Uk

I think it's a great idea to get friends together and do something nice for someone instead of sitting at home and watching TV. Jada Francisco from Procter Mn

I would love to be a soldiers penpal just need info on how to do it. Brandie from Texas

I am so thankful to our men and women who are making our country a better place to be. Cosette Finerd from Kingman Arizona

I would love to be a penpal to a soldier Maryanne Addair from 203 Grier Ave Wilm Del 19804

I would love to be a penpal, after these men and women have done and are doing for us ! Its the least i can do. And thank you for all you've sone for us ! I live in france i hope this isnt a problem Stéphanie Giusti from Marseille,France

Hi, I can't say thank you enough to these men and women for their service. I would like to be-friend a military man. I am here to be your support system while being deployed. Thanks. Take care and God bless. Saffy from New York

I just want to say that you guys are awesome and thank you so much for your bravery and honor. Th a,k you for defending this beautiful and wonderful country and the families that live here. I would like to support anyway I can. Writing emailing whatever I can maybe a small care package don't have much money but I always have a little extra sometimes. Thank you again. Valerie from South Carolina

My name is Heather Broehm and I would love to adopt a soldier...being a penpal to a soldier would be amazing Heather Broehm from Chilton Wisconsin

I have a group of primary children wanting to write letter of appreciation. We're in. Melissa Yaklyvich from San Pedro, Ca.

I would love to write letters to our brave men and women serving our country. As my husband is currently in the military I know how important it is for them to receive even I letter. It completely brightens their day. Liz Sanchez from Waynesboro Pa

How do we start writing to someone? I believe it's important that these soldiers know that people all over the world appreciate them. Not just everyone from back home. Mea from South Africa

I would love to do this Michelle from San Antonio To

This would be such a great thing for me and my 10 year old to do Lori And Jacob from Salt Lake City Utah

This is a brilliant idea, would love to take part in this abs share this idea with family and friends Steph from North East Lincolnshire England

Love to write letters and send cards. A pen pal would be great. Robin from South Dakota

I would like to thank all of our military personnel for their sacrifices to keep our country safe. I'am a veteran 1973/1975 iknow what its like being so far from home. But know this you are always in my thoughts for a safe return home. Thank you so much Denny Glenn from West Virginia

I want to do this it be a great thing to BC I barely have family myself I couldn't image Sammie Neville from Scranton Pa

I would love to be a pen pal and send care packages to our brave soldiers. Amy from Michigan

I would love to be a pen pal to our troops they are doing more for us the least we could do is show and spread our love! Priscela Rivera from Phoenix, Az

thank your for your service Jacob Ford from Sabin World School Denver Co

I'm 16 and trying to help in the best way I can, I'm a great talker as well as supporter ?? Leticia Dunham from Wauseon, Oh

I will love to adopt a soldier as a pen pal. so I can give him encouragement an inspirational words let him know we all stand behind him. Yanna from Caribbean

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