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May 1, 2024

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week is May 6th-10th, 2024
It's that time of year again! Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week is next week, and we at The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation are thrilled to invite you to join us in celebrating the incredible educators and staff members who make our communities shine.

Here's a lineup of kindness activities to participate in throughout the week:

Sunday, May 5th: Chalk the Walk

Gather with fellow community members to write messages of appreciation and draw colorful pictures on the sidewalks for teachers and staff to see on Monday morning.

Monday, May 6th: Classroom Decorations

Coordinate with students and parents to decorate your teacher's classroom with banners, posters, and artwork expressing heartfelt gratitude. 

Tuesday, May 7th: Letters to Former Educators

Take a moment to write a note of appreciation to a former teacher, coach, or mentor who has made a lasting impact on your life. Let them know how much they've influenced and inspired you.

Wednesday, May 8th: Tokens of Appreciation

Show teachers and staff some kindness with small tokens of appreciation, such as flowers, chocolates, or breakfast treats. Brighten their day with a little something special!

Thursday, May 9th: Personalized Appreciation

Send a staff member or two a hand-written note, a picture your student draws, a video, or an email of appreciation. Let them know just how much they mean to you and the school community. Staff emails can usually be found on school websites.

Friday, May 10th: Volunteer

Sign up to volunteer. Assist teachers with tasks such as grading papers, organizing materials, or preparing classroom activities.

Let's come together to make this Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week one to remember! 

Educators and staff members work tirelessly to support and inspire students every day, and they deserve all the recognition and gratitude we can give.

Thank you for joining us in showing our appreciation for all the amazing teachers and staff!

With warm regards,

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation


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