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Leading with Encouragement
Submitted by Shantea Gentry

Mr. Zeb Talley, III, is one amazing guy! This man has many talents in his repertoire, but the one that stands out the most to me is his desire to develop and train others to be greater in their journey in life. Mr. Talley was my supervisor for a few months. The limited amount of time I had under his leadership was nothing less than magnificent. He instilled the essential training I needed to perform my role, but went beyond that and encouraged me to develop a 5-year plan to achieve professional and personal growth. It's rare that you come across a person that will honestly take the time to invest in your personal growth and elevate you. Mr. Talley finds great joy in developing others. He leads by example, he provides emotional support where needed, he is consistent with his word, and never wavers with his actions. What's amazing to me is that the 5-year-plan I wrote for myself under his leadership a year ago is actually on schedule and I have completed 2 of the 5 actions plans so far! Although he was promoted to another role and moved on to further his career, he still mentors me even today! He motivates me with encouragement which helps me to stay on track and overcome my fears. So today, I honor a great human being, a great family man, and a great spiritual leader.