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Overcoming Obstacles
Submitted by TAMMY BLUE

Thomas Blue is my son and he inspires me every day. Thomas was in a car accident in 2012; he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and hemiparesis of his left side. As I sit here at the hospital while he undergoes his 15th surgery, I can't help but think about what an awesome person he is. Thomas always has a positive attitude and would do anything he could to help anybody. Thomas' skull was partially crushed in the accident when he hit a telephone pole approximately 30 feet off the ground. Even with the malformations that were caused, he chose to shave his head twice for St. Baldricks to support his friend who had cancer. Though the accident left him with some ability to walk with assistance for long distances, he requires a wheelchair. However that does not stop him from signing up to do multiple charity walks for causes he believes in. He is just an amazing person and we could benefit if there were more selfless people like him in the world.

This picture was taken 30 minutes before surgery and portrays Thomas' positive attitude perfectly.