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A Father and Son Change The World Through Music

My blind and autistic son, Pauly, is my motivation and "Hero".

Since Pauly cannot see and talk, we've relied on music to soothe and calm him. I know firsthand the power and happiness that music gives to Pauly and we want to bring that same joy to others.

My son has inspired me to start "Pauly's Project," which distributes 1000s of radios to LA's homeless community of Skid Row. Pauly and I collect donations from family and friends to purchase radios and we hit the streets to hand them out. A simple radio can bring the homeless the empowerment of music, news, and sports and connect them back to society.

Pauly is loved by so many in the streets and, despite his disabilities, is showing a true act of kindness. I was blessed with a true angel, "Pauly". He may not realize it, but he is touching so many lives on a daily basis. I will keep "Pauly's Project" going on my son's behalf and though we have our life challenges he shows me the true meaning of COURAGE...I LOVE YOU SON!!!"   

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NOVEMBER 16, 2016
music can mean everything to people

MAY 31, 2016
Music calms music heals music brings joy! What a wonderful world you and Pauly are creating!!

APRIL 18, 2016
that is very kind

MARCH 22, 2016
This is a beautiful story and it is quite heartwarming.

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