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Life-Saving Rescue
Submitted by Dana Beck

This young girl, 19-years-old at the time, saved my father's life. He has a hoveround because he cannot walk. He was crossing the railroad tracks in our community and his wheel became stuck. He was hollering for help as cars went around him, but was ignored by many passersby. A train was coming and he began to get very worried. Ashley heard my father's pleas from her home and ran over to try to free his chair. As a last resort, with the train quickly approaching, she pulled him backwards out of his chair. A moment later, the train struck and demolished the motorized wheelchair. He was only seconds away from death. She was presented our home town hero award in September 2015. I owe her everything for saving my father's life. Not many young girls would do something like this. She is truly an angel in our eyes.