Lost And Found

Submitted by cheryl from miami, fl

I was doing grocery one day and after i was finish i left the store. I went to another store near by to buy something.When i looked in my pocket book i was short one dollar to make my purchase.So while looking in my bag there came a cashier from the store. She had something in her hand it was the one dollar that i was looking for. She said it must belong to you since you were the last one at the counter.I looked at her and said i was just looking for a dollar and you showed up.What are the odds of that.I said to her thank you so much.As she walked away i just watched her and said to my self there are still nice people in the world.

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Cool Matt from Estland

very good i like it Usman from Doha

really sweet...most people would've kept it!:) Cameron from Flc

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