Christmas Kindness

Submitted by Craig from Utah

One year when my 4 children were young ranging from about 5 to 15 I had been unemployed for over a year and there were no prospects. It was approaching Christmas and we had talked to the kids telling them that this year there would be no gifts to share with each other. They were great about it and they all accepted it without complaint. I have always felt that no matter what your religion Christmas is a magical time of year and should be about love and kindness but this year I was really down. I had always enjoyed Christmas as a child and my parents had never failed to provide a wonderful Christmas for me so I was really feeling down that I was not going to be able to do that for my children this year. One night about 3 weeks before Christmas we were sitting at home not doing much and the doorbell rang. We went to answer it only to find no one there but a white envelope laying on the doorstep. We opened it and inside were $750 dollars cash with a note that said "Merry Christmas from someone who loves you." We never did find out who did that for us but it was one of the best Christmas' we ever had. To repay that act of kindness for us the next year I was working and we knew of a family in our neighborhood who was in similar circumstances. We were still catching up from being unemployed for so long so we could not afford much but we scraped together $400 dollars and did the same for that family. This world is filled with so much anger and hatred and saddens me that we can't all accept one another as fellow human beings without having to display so much anger and hatred and judgement towards others. Random acts of kindness as appear here give me hope in our race as human beings.

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What a beautiful and inspiring story!! Ria Roegiers from Belgium

I love this story! Thank you for "paying it forward"!!! Cyndi Ammons from Cullowhee, Nc

Yes what a beautiful and inspiring!! Gertrude Coleman from Jonestown,Miss

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