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Annie's Kindness Blankets
Submitted by Barbara Buckley

I would like to nominate three sisters. They started a kindness campaign called Annie's Kindness Blankets after their mom passed by suicide on March 30, 2015. Angela (19), Christina (17), and Mia (8), decided to send an everlasting-hug to anyone that may need it. They send handmade blankets that have a label sewn in that speaks of kindness and paying it forward. They originally set a goal of 35 blankets to send out, but have now given out over 1600 blankets! You can find their story on YouTube. They are amazing young women who do a random act of kindness every single day.

To read more about them, please visit and download the PDF. It shares their story and many links that speak of their kindness.

Thank you, Annie's Aunt Barbara (the girls' great-aunt)