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Sprinkling Kindness Everywhere
Submitted by Linda Bryant

The person I am proud to nominate is my friend and assistant teacher, Lynne Rentschler. Lynne is the epitome of kindness. She sees the good in everyone and is always putting others ahead of herself. She is well known in her neighborhood as the “go to” person whenever somebody needs help. Although she is a senior herself, she is out there mowing the grass of her elderly neighbors in the summer and shoveling their snow in the winter. She has taken it upon herself to care for one of her neighbors who is a World War 2 veteran living alone. She takes meals over to him and always takes him to his favorite restaurant whenever he asks. She is also a huge advocate for animals and often rescues neighborhood strays. She donates her time and money to many different causes, but Lynne’s kindness extends far beyond her neighborhood. As an assistant teacher, Lynne has helped many children. She has helped less-fortunate families with donations of food, clothing, listening, and counseling them. She also teaches the kids important lessons on showing respect and kindness towards others. She has made a big difference in our classroom. Lynne is so full of life and wisdom and is proof that age is just a number.

Sincerely, Linda Bryant


BCIU Hamburg School Age Learning Center


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