My Success Is Defined by Kindness

Submitted by Kelsey G. on January 21, 2016


My name is James, I’m 27 years old and I’m a Development Practitioner living in Mzuzu in Malawi.  

My work involves working with people in rural communities. Most of the people I work with are poor and live on less than a dollar. All my childhood life I wished to work as a Banker, however all this changed when I volunteered to help with children and young people with mental problems just to pass time. I loved working with children and young people. That work that summer changed my life’s perceptions, I felt fulfilled with the change that my work brought in the lives of children and young people I worked with.

Thus I changed my career direction, towards development so I can work with people in need.

I am a different person and I like what I have become. My success is defined by the acts of kindness, the changes and the lives I impact in my day to day work.

I founded and am running Centre for Youth and Development, a nonprofit with a focus on children and young people through which I am sowing seeds of kindness. 

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