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Pay it forward

A few weeks ago I was at the Safeway located a block away from my apartment. I grabbed a couple things and began to ring up my items at the self-checkout. As I was scanning my items I couldn't help but notice the man at the self-checkout stand next to me was having some issues.

He was homeless, and didn't have enough money left on any of his Safeway gift cards to finish paying for his food. When it takes you a long time to pay/finish at the self-checkout, the light for your checkstand starts blinking indicating that you need an employee's assistance. His light started blinking and the guy started trying to sheepishly explain that he really thought he had more money/means to pay for his items.

The Safeway clerk gently explained, "Yeahhh it's looking like there's zero balance left on your cards sir..." to which the guy sadly responded, "Yeah okay I guess... uhm just cancel/void all the items then...". I interjected and said, "Wait!... I'll pay for his food, please don't void it!"

I finally got a look at the guy and saw that he had a very kind and gentle looking face. I looked at what he was trying to buy and it was milk and some fresh fruit and other produce. He tried to protest telling me I didn't have to, but I insisted and just told him that the next time he has the means to do so- to just pay it forward to someone else who needs it and we can call it even. I also let him know that I have also been in similiar situations where I was at the self-checkout stand and my card got declined/I didn't have enough money to pay for the food. It really sucks; I totally empathize with that. I told him that I simply couldn't stand by and watch and let that happen to someone else when I could do something about it to help. I got home that night and I felt so happy and pleased knowing that guy was out there somewhere enjoying his fruits and milk!!

In a way, every person on this planet is one another's brother or sister- we're all fellow humans walking the same earth. It feels nice to act upon that.


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