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Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person? Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression? Share your kindness story with the world.

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Kindness will be repaid by the universe

My local community group, meet weekly and park in a car park, which has been free for many years.
Recently parking, has changed and now, it has to be paid for by going on line, and booking a slot.
If a slot is not booked and paid for in advance, there will be a large fine.
The signage in the car park is poor, and many people, have not booked their slot, not realising that it is no longer free.
I had booked a slot and as I was walking away from my car, I saw some one going to the ticket machine so I told them, that it had to be done on line now, or they risked a fine.
A few days later, I spent a snowy, cold afternoon in the car park, checking the signs and parking information, so I could relay it back to my community group.
Afterwards, I was so cold and hungry I went into a local cafe and ordered egg, chips and a cup of tea.
The waitress asked if I wanted one egg or 2. I asked how much extra 2 eggs would be, as I am on a tight budget, and now have to pay extra car park charges. I opted for 1 egg. I didn't realise any one heard my conversation and I didn't notice who was in the cafe.
When I came to pay my bill, I was told that a man who had been sitting in the corner, who I hadn't noticed, had paid for my dinner! I am 58, and never have I, had an act of kindness like that given to me, by a complete stranger.
I was over come and I couldn't even thank him, for his kindness. I guess you reap what you sow. I thanked the Universe!


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