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Angels Among Us

MY STORY – Occurred Tues., Jan. 10, 2023:
Meet the (2) ANGELS who Blessed me with their kindness. I was on a business flight from Wichita, KS to Chicago O’Hare, and then traveling onto Madison, WI for an Ag Trade Show. On the second leg of my journey, I met a very nice lady (ANGEL-1); whom I was sitting next to. We enjoyed a wonderful conversation about family, retirement, and our pets.

Mid-way thru our flight and visit, the Pilot announced (unexpectedly) that he was turning the plane around and returning to O’Hare (having already flown three-quarters of the way to Madison), on account of fog and low fuel. Upon landing back in Chicago, we were told our air travel was being rescheduled to 7:15 p.m. tonight. I shared how nice our conversation was with the soft-spoken individual who had befriended me; and quickly de-boarded & rushed to the Customer Service Counter, having ‘very regrettably’ abandoned my new friend to determine where my bag was and what options I had to get an earlier connection to Madison. The same kind individual made it off the plane, and as I was at the Customer Service counter awaiting help, she motioned me over to her and offered me a ride to Janesville, WI with herself, her daughter (ANGEL-2) and grandson; whom she had called to pick her up at O’Hare, rather than wait until the late evening flight.

Here I was a ‘total stranger’ to both the mother (whom I had left behind, rushing to de-board) and her daughter; and they were offering me a 108-mile car ride, where upon my work colleague could then pick me up (who was waiting for me in Madison). I graciously accepted and not only enjoyed a heartwarming visit during the drive, but they also took me to their Home until my ride arrived. There are truly #angelsamongus, and I have never been so #blessedandgrateful.

Today, I learned the true meaning of kindness and helping one another in time of need. #RandomActsofKindness


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