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Construction Cherub

I was recently out walking with my 80 year old Mum, having encouraged her to stretch her legs just a few days after my Dad passed away. Unfortunately, she tripped over an uneven patch on the sidewalk landing squarely in her face, and started bleeding profusely. I took off my tshirt and gave it to her to staunch the bleeding while I ran into an adjacent worksite (in my bra, not a pretty sight!) to ask for a dressing from their first aid kit which they kindly provided; unfazed by the slightly hysterical, half-naked, middle-aged woman bursting into their busy work site. Even more kindly, a few minutes later one of the guys came out and gently lifted mum to her feet. She protested that she was heavy - all he said was that she was light compared to the steel girders he had been carrying all morning!
A big shout out to those kind tradies, the strangers who stopped to offer help, and the hospital who opened their emergency department early to care for Mum. So many wonderful, kind people who helped Mum and I in our time of need.
Postscript: incredibly, Mum broke no bones and wasn’t concussed. Her face was a mess and she had lots of bruising and abrasions but she has recovered well. She demonstrated again her strength and resilience. I’m so proud of her.


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